Tiny Things

Cottage of Abundance note cards 1

Serendipity MallI am not sure when I first fell in love with tiny things. I think my sister, Susan actually got me to notice them. Like last evening when she sent me over to the most charming blog in the universe.

Cottage of Abundance note cards 4

Serendipity MallIt is called une petite folie. Linda lives in Tasmania and combines several of the things I adore, miniatures, doll houses and Paris.

When my sister Susan visited Paris, she looked like she should live there. She and her husband had a wonderful time. We always dream of going on an art retreat in the South of France someday. Dreams and Wishes. Susan is always creating the tiniest creatures out of felt on her etsy shop. The tiny attention to detail can also be found in her knitted and felted garments.

Abundance note cards 1

Serendipity MallMaking things in a miniature size seems to be one of my passions. So it was when I first set out to make some of my paintings into note cards. I was determined to create the proper note card size but keep the integrity of the actual painting details.

Abundance note cards 2

Serendipity MallI am so thrilled, they match the colors in my original paintings perfectly.

Abundance note cards 2

Serendipity MallThey are both available in sets of four or eight note cards on my little etsy shop.

Abundance note cards 2

Serendipity MallAnother thing that my sister, Susan and I share is creating on You Tube.

Cottage of Abundance note cards 2

Serendipity MallHere is my new channel on YouTube, which I call KarenHarveyCox TV on my sidebar, because I think that would make Daddy happy. My sister, Susan was the brave one and she has been created videos for a while now, here is Susan's channel, which she calls PA Fiber Artist, just like her blog name. Susan lives in Pennsylvania and is a wonderful Fiber Artist.

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Serendipity MallOur father was in television for many many years. I just know he is in that "control room" up in heaven whispering ideas to us on how we should make our videos. He was a cameraman for CBS and we went to the dress rehearsals for the Ed Sullivan, Gary Moore, and Carol Burnett shows over the years. My sister, Lynne worked at Disney television in L.A. for years before moving to North Carolina. I guess it's just in our nature.

Serendipity Mall

karen-french-with-birdsI call this doll house community Serendipity Mall and it used to be on my blog before I got Photoshop savvy. The three shops on etsy...Susan, me and Judy of JuJuz Beads. I have to do some building though my sister Lynne might be moving into the neighborhood and sewing her creations on etsy.

Serendipity MallThe name of the song for this post is Music Box, of course. Well, I hope you have a lovely day filled with tiny treasures and big dreams.
Claudia said...

Dear K
I am always smiling as I read each new post. Do you have any other sisters you didnt speak of?

If not-- then yet another thing we have in common. I am the oldest of 3 girls and my father used to run theatres.

Im posting fast to run off to visit your new blog fav and your sisters to check them all out.

Such delight! Thanks

TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

Blondie's Journal said...

It was fabulous learning a bit more about you and your family. I too, come from a family of girls, six of us, although sadly, we have been without Leslie for almost two years. The pain never ceases.

I love how you are staying true to the original paintings with your notecards. You deserve that excellence in all you reproduce.

Now I am off to your sister's sites and to your etsy shop.

Hoping you have a perfect week!!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Absolutely breathtaking, Karen! Anita

Donna said...

You are so talented, Karen, and I love your work. You have a very interesting and talented family too. I'm heading off to all the links now.

Enjoy your day!

Kathleen Grace said...

I adore your notecards Karen! Your colorful paintings are perfect for a cheerful note or small frame.:>)

Beverly said...

Karen, your father must be smiling. His girls each have an eye for beauty. You are an inspiration to each of us.

Thank you for the links. I'll be visiting.

~JarieLyn~ said...

I am really glad I discovered your blog. It is so creative and fun. I looked at your etsy sight the other day and bookmarked it as one of my favorites. I really like your aunt adelaide's attic creation. Very cool. I just might be making a purchase soon.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I also have a love of minatures! Your work continues to amaze and inspire me.



Snap said...

Off to You Tube!

jeanne said...

Hi Karen, it is always a treat to see your wonderful creative paintings and projects. the colors are so awesome. I know for a fact the artistic ability is IN THE GENES. You and Susan have the genes fully and entirely. BIG Smile. I loved reading about your dad and your sister. Your note cards are lovely. Wonderfully well done.

Have a happy day Karen.


Geralyn Gray said...

I haven't been here in a while--I enjoyed my visit....loved the conversation on painting in tweed--and getting old....etc. So inspiring---love your work! I started a doll house at age 13. When I looked at it 20 years later. I realized I decorated my real house the same way!!!!!Thinking small can lead to something big!!!!!!!!!

podso said...

THanks for your comment on my blog header. That is my grandmother's kitchen, and my mother is sitting there with her sisters in law. Most interesting to me is the roller iron machine on the far right....my grandmother was an expert at that--in fact the company wanted her to go on the road and demonstrate, but she never did. I remember being fascinated watching her--she could even do shirts.

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Karen!

Your art work is absolutely beautiful! I always know when I visit here something wonderful will be waiting. I have six sisters with me being the oldest, each are a true blessing. Chat with you soon!:o)



Tristan Robin said...

These notecards are so beautiful!

Once again, I just love my painting! - right now it's at the framer's. When it's back, I'll post a photo of it. It's going to be in a properly royal frame!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Karen,
Thank you for visiting me again to wish me well! It is so hectic my dear...my usual morning time of visiting blogs is challenging right now, I am trying my best to juggle so much. I was in tears today because I had no money for gas, and a bit of a miracle came my way by a stranger. I saw the mercy of God on me, such a low thing!!! I am trying my best, but sometimes I just feel like I am spinning my wheels. Your visit has brightened my evening. Bisous! Anita

Elyse said...

hi karen,

what an interesting read!!! loved hearing about everything. thank you for sharing.

how about this AMAZING weather?


Roban said...

I've always liked tiny things, too.... Small dolls when I was little. I'm loving your notecards now! Beautiful, and so good that the colors matched your original.

I'll have to stop back by when I have a little more free time and visit your Etsy shop and your "TV" station! It sounds like you are enjoying a creative life!

Fete et Fleur said...

Hi Karen,

I feel the same way about tiny things. There is something about them. I adore them!!

Your cards are truly beautiful!


Alison Gibbs said...

Karen your cards are beautiful.

XUE said...

Love your beautiful colourful creation & those cute itsy bitsy flowers too! The first doolhouse I had is my daughter's dollhouse. Our son was born in Hong Kong & now, we live in Tokyo (after Shanghai, New York & Singapore too).

Unknown said...

Oh Karen, I LOVE this post so much!!!! I have loved little things ever since I can remember!! Remember Strawberry Shortcake? Well, I used to carry around the tiny animals everywhere I went because they were tiny :) I still love little things. Your paintings are so, so beautiful!! They make me feel happy inside :) You are so talented!! I love the doll houses :):)

Regina said...

How lovely and very creative!
Thanks for sharing.

LiLi M. said...

I love these cards, the colors are so vibrant and simply must cheer up everybody. I love tiny things too, what is it? I really don't know, but I think we have something in our genes that goes for tiny, so that we love little babies just naturally, no one has to teach us. I love the You tube channel too, I have only watched one clip yet, due to lack of time, about rummaging at your aunt Adelaide's and your ephemera packages. It is great, very welll done and so inspiring again, thanks! Have a creative and lovely day!

Gabriela said...

Hello Karen,

Your paintings are always so beautiful and the cards look awesome in bundles!

~ Gabriela ~

Casey said...

Hello dear friend....loved this post and hearing about your family!! Your new notecards are a sight to behold!! I definately "heart" them!! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post. It touched my heart in so many ways!!


Lori said...

Karen, your notecards are lovely...the colors are so vibrant...i have a fondness for little things too, they just make me smile:)

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Karen, your new note cards are beautiful! I'm on my lunch hour, so I'll have to come back after work and check out your links you listed. I can't wait! laurie