A rainy day, baking and French General inspiration


buterfly french generalIt was raining Sunday, so I baked some banana bread, using non-bleached flour and sweetner instead of white flour and sugar.  It tasted good, even though I knew it was healthier for you.

buterfly french generalAnd some chocolate chip cookies for the normals in the house.

I picked up some favorite books and an old issue of Where Women Create magazine.  I wanted to browse while I sipped my coffee, smelled good things baking, and listened to the rain outside.

I first found the French General when I purchased her book from the Tinsel Trading company.

buterfly french generalI just love Kaari Meng, from The French General.

buterfly french generalI love reading about her and browsing through eye candy, which I can find in Treasured Notions and The French Inspired Home by Kaari.

buterfly french generalI was browsing through some labels in her French Inspired Home book and was inspired.

buterfly french generalI have had a beautiful piece of ephemera calling my name to create something for a long time now.

So, I took the ephemera which is a bill from a hotel in Athens, Greece from 1892.  Interestingly the Hotel is still beautiful and here is the link to it today.

I created my own labels inspired by Kaari Meng.  I erased the middle part and digitally painted the detail a bit.

I printed it with a red border.

buterfly french generalI used mine for some file folders.

buterfly french generalOn this one, I cut the red border as part of the trim.

buterfly french generalWhat will you use yours for?

Rainy Day labels

buterfly french generalTo download your Rainy Day Labels in any size click HERE.

buterfly french generalMonday, a lovely way to celebrate is to visit

Dolores said...

Ok Karen.....I hope you know how much I love and respect you, but right this moment I'm having a hard time hearing about rain. We're in the middle of a horrible drought, everything is dead or dying...that's #1. #2.... I'm on Weight Watchers; Some days are harder than others.....today is my really hungry day, and you banana bread and cookies are calling my name!

Just kidding...

Send us your rain, and I'll also take cookie.

Beautiful labels!


Hello Karen,

Wow! You really know how to keep busy on a rainy day.
Love these labels!


Vee said...

Oh I got so excited about downloading my beautiful labels that I nearly forgot to come back! Thank you so much. You are so generous and kind to us.

Hmmm, it was a great day for baking and I know how the aroma lingers there even now. Sounds as if you just had the perfect rainy day kind of day.

eileeninmd said...

You are keeping busy, I'm sure your home smells delicious with all the baking. I love chocolate chip cookies. Wonderful photos, have a lovely week!

Joyce's Journey said...

I made banana bread today too! I like your idea better, though, of sitting with some good books with a cup of coffee. I did laundry! Beautiful post, Karen!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

This TInsel Company is a wealth of inspiration in itself!!! There is never enough time in the day to take in all the fun with the paper, the glitter, the tinsel and ribbon...it is so darn fun!!!



Kim, USA said...

These is beautiful and you are very creative too. ^_^

Mosaic Monday

Nancy said...

Very clever idea on the labels. I keep wanting to substitute Splenda for the sugar in some recipes but I will have to do in secret or noses will turn up! Nancy

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I came over from Lavender Dreams. Hope you don't mind. Your creation here is just beautiful. Very impressive. I need to check that book out. Thanks for sharing. : )

Veronica said...

Hi Karen. those magazine looks as delectable as your baking. am a mag addict. thank you for the beautifil labels. Just getting into scrap booking and always looking for labels and inspiration!


Kathleen Grace said...

These are gorgeous Karen! Thanks so much for sharing them, I'm saving them right now and I'll be looking for a great place to use them:>) Beautiful!

Snap said...

Karen, you give us such lovely gifts. Visiting you is a joy --- no gift necessary! Love the baking and the rain ... please send both to me! :D :D :D

Elyse said...

how fun to follow this inspiring and happy day of yours. i have kaari's 'treasured notions' book and it is so beautiful. the boards are amazing.

here's a crazy game of mine: try to find a photo of kaari not wearing glasses on her head. ;)