Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Designing with a cup of tea

We have all been sick with some kind of virus.  My Grandchildren, Ashley and now me.  Although I don't feel as sick as I know they were, I am still happy to be resting with a cup of tea today.

Listening the song, What'll I do.

Blankets pulled up and comfy cozy in bed, I keep my trusty laptop nearby to read interesting things, watch a movie or design things.

I watched The Butcher's Wife on Netflix on my computer.  If you haven't seen the movie before, I highly recommend it, here is the movie tailer to watch.  Of course it is completely magical.  Oh, and the reason for the song What'll I do for this post is...it is sung in the movie.

I have watched that so many times, but this time with more interest.  The character who plays the wife is from a remote island off the coast of North Carolina.  So cool, it's called Baldheaded Island, and you have to take a ferry to get there.

So, I am doing what I did as a kid when I was sick, including coloring.  Only my coloring always involves fabric designs.

Spoonflower was having a weekly contest where they ask you to design something with restricted colors.  The contest votes will begin on Thursday.  I enjoy seeing what the challenge is, because it gives me a deadline and inspiration.  This week is coral, mint, black and white.  I entered the French script one: French Coral Roses with French script.

But my favorite one is called Happy Roses and Dots.

I needed a happy design to make me feel better.  Speaking of happy, here is my grandson, Brayden.

Sunday is Brayden's birthday party and I must get well, so I can help with the party plans.  What a difference a year makes in a little one's life.  Well, stay warm and healthy and dream of when the Hydrangeas are in bloom.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Brrr it's cold in Boston

My flight from Raleigh to Boston was wonderful.  I was truly amazed at how much snow had fallen in Boston.  Here's a wonderful bit of music to add to the chill in the air.

I was in Wellesley, Massachusetts the other day, and when I saw the icicles on this house, I just had to stop and take some photographs. Yikes, that's allot of ice!
Oh, and there was some very cold weather to prevent the ice from melting.  Causing all kinds of havoc to homeowners in the area.

As you drove down the streets it was a common sight to see men on rooftops trying to shovel the snow so that their roofs didn't collapse.

I had someone come over and remove the snow and ice from above our roof near the skylights.

Both skylights were leaking which caused quite a bit of damage to the ceiling and walls.  My pretty gazebo looks like an iced cupcake.

We had some other damage to our family room ceiling.  Here's the view from the front of our house.

However, the Insurance agent said that we were lucky compared to other damages that he had inspected.  
I am hoping to capture some pretty snow photos over the weekend.

We celebrated Brayden's birthday on the 25th.
Next weekend is Brayden's birthday party, so this week will be filled with lots of planning fun.

Thank you for stopping by and please stay warm.