Monday, July 27, 2015

The Hydrangeas are in Bloom

I was so excited to learn that this year there would be a Hydrangea festival on the Cape.  Here is a video that talks about the many things that happened this year.

Joyce and I took a ride to see the Hydrangeas at the Heritage Gardens in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

This year there were garden tours throughout the Cape.  I wish I could have been able to visit a few.

I was in heaven amongst the bees, butterflies and blue Hydrangeas.  A beautiful butterfly played hide and seek and tried to elude my camera by hiding behind a leaf.  Yet the sun shone bright enough to share the butterfly's shadow.

We had so much fun walking through the Hydrangea gardens and memorizing the day.

What better place than a stroll through Heritage Gardens, to take in all the bluest of blue Hydrangeas.

I have been meaning to add my Hydrangea photo collection into one post.  This seemed the ideal time.

You must know that I have taken about fifty photographs of these magnificent flowers.  I think I will save some for another post and pretend I am one of those elegant bloggers.

Well, I can't get enough Hydrangea love!

I have Hydrangeas at my door, and this year my Hydrangeas are beautiful in my garden.  I brought some in and put them in a vase for the den.

I hate to see the season end.  I just love these blue and violet blooms.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Painting Picket Fences and Summer Gardens

I hope that you are enjoying your summer.  Our weather here in Massachusetts has been very pleasant. July has been wonderful so far.
My Grandson's loved the parade, and Brayden, or should I say Mario, enjoyed it most of all.
Our family enjoyed an old fashioned 4th of July, shared with my friend Joyce and her family.  
We watched a parade with the kids and then back to Joyce's for a cookout.
 My first love is watercolor painting, and I have been so inspired lately to paint again.  Here is a video of a demonstration of painting poppies in watercolor that I love:

I have been painting a series of compositions using picket fences.  We have lots of charming fences to choose from here in New England.  However, my inspiration also comes from my blogging buddies. Like Kathy, from Kathy's Cottage.

I have always loved everything that Kathy designs, but I especially love her bunting.

I just ordered one from her Etsy shop, called HensInDaisies.  Kathy has a wonderful tutorial to make your own heart bunting, so check it out.