A Lovely Day on the Cape to see Susan Branch

hen my friend Joyce and I found out that Susan Branch was having a book signing for her new book, GRATITUDE, we just had to go.

This has become a custom with us.  Every book that Susan writes is magic and this one is a gentle reminder to be Grateful.  Written in her illustrated style, the quotes are a daily reminder to be thankful. "a book of inspirational thoughts and quotes.

The song The Sunny Side of the Street, always makes me happy.  Thinking about the simple pleasures in life and how blessed we are to enjoy our lives.  In Susan's new book, one of the illustrated quotes is...

Susan lives that quote in everything that she does and celebrates.  She celebrates her life, whether she is celebrating washing her favorite dishes in the sink, or enjoying her wonderful life with Joe.  She reminds me always through her writings, cookbooks, and blog, that we can create our own happiness celebrating our story.  Celebrating the simple things in our life, that define us.

Titcomb's book shop in Sandwich, Massachusetts hosted the event.  There were cupcakes, and lemonade and we sat outside in the garden listening to Susan's talk.

There was quite a crowd of course.

 Susan brought a basket of journals and some samples of her new mugs, which will be available shortly.  I have my eye on the one with the bluebird.  Joe was in there too, taking photos.

Blue skies overhead, birds chirping near the bird feeders and lines and lines of kindred spirits who also adore Susan.

I have written numerous posts about Joyce and my adventures at Susan Branch book signings.

Now I have a new book to add to my stack of inspiration.  Only this new one I keep nearby, so that I can fill my mind with lovely thoughts whenever I please.  Enjoy your day, and remember to choose the sunny side of the street.

Happy First Day of June

This morning I got up and opened up my front door to see what the weather was like on this first day of June.  I wasn't disappointed.  It was gorgeous today.
As the day went on, I sat down to write a post.  One thing led to another and pretty soon I realized that today was an Anniversary.  Ten years ago I wrote my first post.  Can you believe some of us know each other for ten years?  Amazing!

I love this movie and the soundtrack is dreamy.

Today when I thought about what day it was, I was amazed that it has been ten years.  So, I got busy planning some posts and trying to change things up a bit.

I thought I would give my blog a new fresh look, so I simplified.  My new theme this year.  Getting rid of clutter, even on my blog.
Well, I hope that wherever you are you are enjoying beautiful weather.  Happy first day of June.