Saturday, April 01, 2017

To Blogland and Back

Recently, I was thinking allot about why I stopped blogging.  Yes, it was a bit about time because I took time gathering just the right photos and music for each post.

But not really because when I feel joy about something, I just need to share it.  No matter how busy I was in the beginning, I always found time to write a post.

I think I stopped blogging because I forgot why I had started in the first place.  In the beginning I wanted to create posts about things I wanted to share.  Each post was a creative endeavor.

Soon I got wrapped up with all the blogging parties and events.  At first it was fun.  Before I knew it I was giving my time and posts away to meet other people's topics.  As time went on, these blogging events had rules, you can only join if.  At that point I no longer enjoyed posting and I just didn't know why.

I literally would run to Home Goods to purchase dishes for a themed blogging party.  Then one day my daughter asked me if she could have a piece of cake or was it for my blog.  HELLO.  Then I knew my priorities had truly gotten out of hand.   I found myself asking Who am I, why am I here in the Land of Blog anyway.

Yes, and in-between the busyness of life got in the way.  Adversity brought me back to writing again about awakening to a new view of things.  Soon, I wanted to share what I had discovered while I had been away.

I also wanted to think about why I left in the first place, so that it doesn't happen again.

I suppose blogging again reflects the chapter I am in now.  Now I want to create posts about the joy and beauty I see in life.  Celebrating God's gifts helps me to cope with adversity.  Taking time to celebrate and memorize the beauty around me brings me joy.

This chapter of my life seems to be all about simplifying my life so that I can enjoy God's gifts.

I know that so many of you are also coming back home to blogging. Blogging about what you want to write about.

We can all learn from Cinderella.  "You do not find a happy life, you make it"!  She was always singing despite the cinders of her life.  Yes, lately there has been an abundance of cinders in my life.  But I must keep singing, writing and blogging.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Finding my way back home to Blogland

Well, I have gotten lost.  Lost in all the adversity.  Lost in all the chaos in the world.  Lost, because I am not wired to constantly be around negative things.

I sat down and asked God to give me a way to find a more positive view, and be more appreciative of my blessings.

Tonight, I read a comment on my blog from an old blogging buddy.  So many of us started blogging in the mid 2000's.  Then I viewed some of the comments on her post.  Soon I was clicking away, like I used to do visiting all the beautiful blogs in Blogland.

Every time I visited an old friend's blog, it brought a smile back to my face.  It made me want to make lists of things I want to write about, like I did once upon a time.  Getting so lost in the joy of creating that it made me forget about all the negative things going on around me.

I have been on Instagram, and as much as I love it, visiting blogs still makes me feel like I just brought over a mug of hot coffee and sat with my neighbor for a while.

Instagram is a bit like window shopping, but when  reading someone's blog, you have visited the inside and brought away a bag full of goodness and inspiration.

There I was looking for new positive influences in my life, and you were there all along.  So, I am drifting through Blogland, making lists of new posts that I want to write.  Slowly finding you all again.

Yes, well you could say I have found my way back home.