Children's Books

Once upon a time, when my two daughters were small I had a reason to be in the Children’s section of the library or the book store.

Over the years I learned what wonderful lessons, ideas and simple fun are inside every book. I have quite a collection of children’s books now that my daughter’s have grown. Yet from time to time when I am not having a good day, I wander over to my favorite book store. I march right over to the Children’s section of the store (I pretend that I am buying a gift for some other child) and I find life’s best therapy for this child. Besides the marvelous illustrations found on the covers and in all of the picture books, the area is usually quite charming. I always leave with a smile and a sense of renewed hope. There is a great deal of wisdom to be found in the Children’s section and all of our old friends are there. Why you will find Peter Pan and Wendy, the characters of The Secret Garden, and Goodnight Moon, and of course good old Paddington Bear and his amazing adventures. The best part...even though we get older, our favorite old friends never do. They are right there waiting to bring back the loveliest memories. The classics are there too, and to step back through the pages of Little Women or some other favorite treasure is such a comfort. No matter how chaotic this grown- up world seems, the characters in the Children’s section always manage to lead me back home.
molly jean said...

I love children's books too! I just read one, Nurse Matilda. My daughter brought it home from the library the other day.

I use to read out loud to my children a lot and my daughter, age 22 still reads to her brothers, 13 and 15, if they will let her and to me. I also love the art in children's books.

I looked for the book Number 84 Charing Cross at the little branch library today but I need to go to the main one. I may be able to find it at the used bookstore run by the Friends of the Library. It is opened 2 mornings a week.