I grew up near the beach surrounded by the ocean on Long Island. My first boyfriend loved to surf, and we would go to the beach all the time. Lots of times the weather was dreadful because that kind of weather usually gives birth to larger waves. I remember sitting on the beach with my girlfriends, wrapped up in a blanket while the damp sea breeze caused havoc with my hair. I sat watching my boyfriend, chilled to the bone but in love. Yesterday at the beach it was that kind of afternoon, and as I sat watching the waves I thought about Phil and the lovely memories. I have lots of memories associated with the beach and I find I continue to make new ones to add to my ocean collection. Like yesterday with the girls, content to know that they were finding joy at the shore also.

At home when I am not at the beach in the summer, I have stacks of books about the Cape on my coffee table. Next to all my books I have a large glass jar with a collection of shells. The girls and I have collected shells from all over, and they are such magnificent works of art. I have my Joan Anderson collection of books "A Walk On the Beach", "A Weekend to Change Your Life", "An Unfinished Marriage", and "My Own Cape Cod" by Gladys Taber. I took the girls to the Cape yesterday. They had a friend with them and they grabbed some buckets and went to find clams and crawly things like when they were little. The beach seems to bring out the children in all of us...riding waves, making sand castles and daydreaming.

Yesterday was one of those days that are overcast and very damp, with a sea breeze that made an otherwise hot day pleasant. We arrived at the shore when other people were beginning to leave, so we had the beach to ourselves. Sitting by the ocean, listening to the waves, and the seagulls cleared my mind and made room for summer daydreams. If I could give a gift to anyone out of all the gifts I could find..I would give them the gift of the ocean because it feeds our soul. Come sit a while and listen to the sounds and watch the waves and clear your mind, to make way for your daydreams.

Majlee said...

I had forgotten how much I loved Gladys Taber - I think we might have been living on the Virginia coast when I discovered her books. That was many years ago - Thank you for reviving those memories.

Anonymous said...

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