Dancing with Creativity

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Can’t you just see Fred and Ginger dancing on that huge dance floor? Ginger in that long flowing gown that showed glimpses of her gorgeous dancing shoes when Fred would lift her in a twirl. Oh is there anything as wonderful as one of those old Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies? Last night to take my mind off things I watched this wonderful old movie. I was taken back into a time when I watched these two dance

It made me want to rent every movie I could find with those wonderful souls. It made me think about how we dance with our surroundings when we create. Whether we are like Fred and his dance, or painting, sketching, designing, crafting, singing, playing music, sewing, photographing or writing, we are in fact memorizing the magic around us. Perhaps as creatives we can go deep within to a place where creation begins. Jean Cocteau says "Art is not a pastime, but a priesthood." It is our purpose in this world to create, isn't that grand?

I have a little journal where I have written words from artists for inspiration. Walking In This World by Julia Cameron made me understand that we are wired differently. She writes "As artists, we are more like inventors than we are like those who mass produce the inventions." Perhaps I will never dance like Ginger, although I have met some Fred's in my life who escorted me around the dance floor making me look like I knew what I was doing. However, I love to create and I find the dance with my surroundings just as magical.

I have found a world of other creators on bloggerland and on flickr. These kindred spirits who write wonderful blogs, take wonderful photographs, and create their magical places remind me that we do not dance alone. Even though we need so much time alone to accomplish what we do, we can feel reassured that just like Ginger and Fred dancing up that glorious staircase that seemed to be in every movie...we too dance with the creative muse that leads us on our adventure.

The song to this post is Puttin On The Ritz sung by Mr. Fred Astaire.
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