The Berkshires

Yesterday was a glorious day, cool sweater weather with a blue sky and big puffy white clouds floating about. My daughter, Ashley's friend suggested that we take a ride to the Berkshires. It's about an hour and a half away, but I was so thrilled once we arrived. We found a beautiful mountain park to drive through. With cameras in hand we went down trails, took in breaktaking views and found lovely lakes reflecting the blue sky above. My daughter, Ashley is a Junior in High School this year and is studying Photography, so it was a wonderful opportunity for her to take photos. She really is a natural. She took this macro of some flowers we found along the nature trail and this wonderful bridge near the lake.

Whether you are enjoying a lovely concert at the famous Tanglewood in the middle of summer, hiking the mountains to take in the breathtaking views of fall leaves gracing the mountains, or skiing the mountains in winter, the Berkshires are always a good place to go. The events calendar says it all.

The Berkshires are home to lots of shops, museums like the Norman Rockwell museum, Tanglewood and incredible nature trails.

Fodor's online has great information about the Berkshires, where to stay, things to do, and places of interest. The Berkshires, a lovely place to visit, and if you live close by it is a wonderful day trip like the one we took yesterday.