The Table Set For Tea

My grandmother always baked cakes that were so tall. They had the perfect
chocolate icing, not too sweet, and creamy enough to spread divine.
I found a recipe for chocolate icing,
just like the one my grandmother made.

Here is A nice recipe for Linzer cookies.

A Poem about Fragrant Tea
from the book "5000 years of tea" by Derek Maitland

"Let others sing the praise of wine, Let others deem its joy divine,
Its fleeting bliss shall ne're be mine, Give me a cup of Tea."

"A friend when others flee, When sorrows frown What power can cheer,
Or chase away the falling tear, like Pekoke or Bohea,
What makes the old man young and strong,
like Hyson, Congou or Souchong,
Which leaves the burden of his song."

"A welcome cup of Tea, and let us bless those sunny lands, so far away across the sea,
Whose hills and vales give fertile birth
to that fair scrub of priceless worth
which yield each son of Mother Earth...

"And you can well imagine voices rising to a lusty bawl
around the piano now...A fragrant cup of Teeeeeeeeee!"

A cup of Tea Please has some of the best recipes for scones, as well as links to clotted cream and lots of tea finery.
ShabbyInTheCity said...

Love the huge floral cloth on the table! And that painting in the background...everything is just lovely.

Lana G! said...

Love it all!