Adventures in Blogland

Oh, what resources exist in blogland for all of us to enjoy. Not only do I love to read blogs but when I discovered the land of podcasts I really felt inspired. There is something so enjoyable about hearing a human voice narrate a good book, tell a story, conduct an interview, or give a sermon. Podcasts are now available on many blogs, magazines, ministries, and web sites.

I received my Home Companion magazine and starting devouring all the wonderful treasures inside. I recently went on Mary Engelbreit’s web site and discovered that they now have podcasts containing interviews with some of the people that they feature in their magazine. Recently they interviewed the woman who owns and operates The Tinsel Trading Company. You have got to see this place to believe it, the selection and inventory is enough to make a creative feel like they died and went to heaven. I immediately went on-line to see the web site.

Another favorite podcast adventure is the Creative Mom Podcasts which I discovered through Kathleen York's blog. The Creative Mom Podcast is like listening to a creative muse whispering all kinds of fun and inspirational tidbits. She also includes some creative challenges for those of us who would like to participate. Amy tickles my creative spirit every time I listen to one of her episodes.

I discovered Just One More Book when I was researching children’s books. Three times a week Andrea and Mark meet in their favorite coffee shop to discuss one of their recent favorite children’s books. This wonderful couple conducts interviews with their favorite writers, publishers, and illustrators, as well as conduct reviews of their favorite Children’s books. I just love them, and I have learned so much from the wide array of interviews concerning everything to do with Children’s Books. Their web site has so many resources concerning Children's literature.

Kaari Meng of French General talks about her business and how she got started on the Hallmark Inspiration By Color video which is on her web site under Radio and Video on the sidebar. The beautiful French General web site is full of exciting eye candy. There is also a radio interview with Martha Stewart.

I just adore resources, and the Internet keeps evolving into a mecca of information. What I really enjoy is all the neighborhoods that are popping up forming wonderful networking opportunities. There are groups for artists, scrapbooking, crafters, new moms, stay-at-home moms, grandmothers, photography, home-making, cooking, news, sports, business women, writers, support networks, journaling and travel.

Many times during my adventures in Blogland when I visit places down new avenues in this wonderful new land, I feel a little bit like Alice, discovering new places that exist in this magical and abstract wonderland. So, the music I chose for this post is called Alice In Wonderland. As always, I've stayed much too long in Blogland and I am late for a very important date.

I'm late!
I'm late!
For a very important date!
No time to say
"hello", goodbye!
I'm late!
I'm late!!
I'm late!!!

No, no, no, no
I'm overdue!
I'm really in a stew!
No time to say "goodbye", hello!
I'm late!
I'm late!!
I'm late!!!
Anonymous said...

I love your website!!!

windy angels said...

So many fabulous links. Thanks Karen for taking the time to tell us all about them.
And I love the poem. It really fits me.
angels be with you,

Amy said...

Thanks so much for mentioning the Creative Mom Podcast in your list of great and inspiring podcasts! I'm thrilled to know, too, that you found the podcast via Kathleen's blog. I'm a big fan of her work!