Watercolor by Susan Messier

I love getting lost in Blogland. Visiting a blog and taking unknown roads into their favorite blogs and making a right hand turn into their favorite blogs and continue...until I am totally lost in beautiful images of unknown places, reading wonderful stories, getting crafting ideas, artful inspiration, and learning life lessons. Traveling the globe in my pj's with a cup of hot coffee and nothing to distract me as I meander into new journals, read memoirs in the making and make new friends. I have recently discovered some very interesting blogs.

This lovely artwork for this post of my favorite coffee cup was created by my sister, Susan who has a very lovely blog called Sew His Word. Susan has been creating fiber art since she was a child. I believe her first fiber art was a frog design that that she embroidered onto one of my father's teeshirts, which he wore by mistake one day and we all had a good laugh when the frog peeked through his white dress shirt. Her knitting, fiber art, quilting and designing always surprises me. I love her new music that she has found for her blog and I can't wait to see what she creates next after a recent visit to Manhattan and drop in at the Tinsel Trading Company. To quote my sister, "I just found Abundance."

All About Olive has to be my very very best find. Olive approaches her 108th birthday on October 20th. This blog is All About Olive and is narrated by Mike Rubbo. Mike Rubbo is one of the pioneers of the personal documentary, and I find it no surprise that blogland would be his new interest. He has thrown himself into helping Olive Riley put out a blog, making her the oldest blogger in the world. Mike Rubbo is equally as interesting born in 1939 in Melbourne, Australia has produced countless films and documentaries and has recently been teaching a Masters course in documentary theory. This blog, All About Olive is really special and Mike includes utube links to help tell her story. There is also a DVD available, directed b Mike Rubbo, which documents Olive's trip back to Broken Hill in New South Wales, where she was born.

Now for one of the prettiest blogs that I have discovered, even the name Chez Fifi. is pretty. Francoise has been a freelance writer and photo stylist for some of my favorite magazines: Coastal Lliving, Creative Homes, Home Companion, Country Living, Romantic Country and many more. Her blog is a magazine in itself, and is one of the best places that I have found filled with eye candy, interesting things and links to fabulous other places. Make sure you have a peek into the corners of her home and be inspired to redecorate your home. If you have time to go on an adventure in blogland, visit some of her favorite friend's sites too.

Brenda of Coffee, Tea, Books and Me says that she is a wife, mother, Grammie, Homemaker, Homeschooler and Keeper of Kittens. To quote her blog, "She has a passion for books, tea, coffee, gracious living and the love of the Lord." Her blog is filled with wonderful reflections, book reviews and resources. The images are nostalgic but the information is current and special. I have fallen in love with her blog and her writing and have gotten so much inspriation when I visit her site.

Shopping in Blogland is quite an experience, and I think what I love most about it is all the hand-made things on Etsy and the Vintage inspired trinkets found on the Internet. One lovely place I meandered to is called The French Garden House. I love Lidy Baars' entrance to her gorgeous store, which houses wonderful things.

In addition to Blogger I have two blogs on Wordpress. I recently found a wonderful resource which contains all the things we need to know about blogging. Lorelle Van Fossen of lorelle of Wordpress also wrote a book on tips to blogging that is a must read. There is more to this glorous place than just posting our daily words. Lorelle is a public speaker, instructor, writer and consultant on web writing, web design and blogging. She has written Blogging Tips and Taking Your Camera On The Road. Her site is filled with all the things we need to know to keep up with trends, security and insight into the world of blogging.

Well, I hope that I have enticed you into unchartered territory, beyond the places that are safe and familiar. If I sound passionate about Blogland it is because I am. Every time I take a stroll through these wonderful avenues that exist beyond my cozy corner, I am reminded that this place called Blogland is growing minute by minute into a very grand world.

The music for this post is I Remember Bill,
Sarahs Home said...

Hi thanks for stopping by at my blog. You have some wonderful pictures posted on here, I would love to visit New England some time. I will come back for a visit soon.

Sarah x

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Thank you, Karen!

I saw your Comment on my blog and the first thought was how much I love your blog, too. :)

Like minded people, we DO read to know we are not alone. :)

Alison Gibbs said...

I think we could just about lose our selves for days on end in Blogland. A great place to visit.

Kari & Kijsa said...

We were on our own wonderful keyboard vacation touring through blog land and happened upon your fabulous spot- a destination we will surely return to- love this post!
kari & kijsa

FrenchGardenHouse said...


Thank you so much for your sweet compliments about frenchgardenhouse. It is so kind of you! I will be coming back here to read your posts, I agree with Kari & Kijsa, yours is a fabulous spot!

Teri C said...

Karen, your Blog is at the top of my list. You have such a wonderful way of writing and living. I love your coffee to go with the comments. And thanks for the new Blogs.

I know you are having a happy day.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Thank you so much for all the beautiful new blogs... I was so excited I had to take a peek at them before I made my comment to you. I will be sitting aside some time to enjoy each of them. "All About Olive" is a delightful place. Thank you so much for each of them. You have a beautiful place here that I have been enjoying very much. I am so happy that our paths met...



. said...

Thanks for such good links.

Lorelle said...

Wow. Thanks for the inclusion in your trip through Blogland. You've introduced me to some new treasures to investigate as well. Thank you!

KarenHarveyCox said...

Thank you for stopping by. There is no doubt that I could get lost for hours in Blogland. This weekend I have an opportunity to meet some of the lovely ladies I have met through blogs at the Just Be Connected weekend in Hyannis on the Cape. There will be a craft fair tomorrow. Blessings, Karen

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