Adventures in Podcastville

The more time I spend browsing through blogs, the more that I realize that there is a never ending array of places to go. There are neighborhoods of writers, artists, musicians, actors, artisans, interior designers, homemakers and chefs. I find myself wandering in so many different directions, and now I have discovered this exciting world of podcasts. The map seems to stretch out beyond what I can see and I only know that every day I learn something new.

I found a wonderful place that I must share called The Prince Edward County Podcast. On this Prince Edward Island site Janet Kellough narrates her novel titled, Palace of The Moon. Together Janet Kellough and Don Edwards create a magical place that is guaranteed to add the same charm as stories of Lake Wobegon and to take you to far away places. Podcasts are available for various subjects found on their sidebar neatly arranged by category of interest. I love the Studio Gallery Tour presented by Peta Hali under the Events category.

Oh, now for such a treat the Grow See This, urban garden spotting is a fun garden journal, a photo blog, landscape design, and the Video podcasts are charming.

I love children’s books, and I follow the podcast of Just One More Book every chance I get. Their site is so full of information about everything current regarding Kidlit. Esme' Raji Codell has written many children books and some books for us grown-ups too on how to make reading exciting for our children. Esme calls herself a certified readiologist, which is her whimsical side, but her book called Educating Esme: Diary of a Teacher's First Year, plus her awards for writing her delightful children’s books indicate, she is someone to get to know. Her blog and web pages are such a treat. Her Planet Esme and her blog which is a book-a-day plan to get kids excited about reading. Make sure you play her whimsical video about Diary of a Fairy Godmother found on her front page.

Now for that rainy day that you promised yourself an “Art Date”, but you just want to lounge around in your pj’s with a nice hot cup of coffee, I found the perfect solution. I found a blog SMARThistory written by two Art Historians, Beth Harris and Steven Zucker, who dabble in new technology to bring you on a museum tour and provide lots of other goodies via their own podcasts, videos and posts. I took a walk with them through the Metropolitan Museum of Art from my comfy seat in front of my computer. It is a real treat and I am sure a new trend in podcast blog creations. Check out their categories on the sidebar and enjoy and learn.

I am always looking for new recipes, but I found a great site called Start Cooking. I am a very visual person, and although I am pretty good about following a recipe, any picture is worth more than a thousand words to help me follow along. This is such a fun recipe file with pictures, video, podcast and printables.

Well, I hope you bookmarked these places for that night of insomnia, or perhaps a rainy day. When I find something wonderful in Blogland, I just need to share it with you. The Blogland souls inside this magical box never fail to amaze me with their creative genius.

Now remember to mark your calendars for this Saturday, October 20, 2007...on this day Olive turns 108 years old. She is the oldest blogger and the prettiest too. Stop by her site and leave her a Birthday Wish will ya? She deserves all the applause you can muster...afterall, one hundred eight is quite an accomlishment.

Before you board your Hot Air Balloon home, take a few minutes to listen to the wonderful world of Oz music that I have chosen for this post. We are so lucky to have our own magical world of Oz that we can visit any time we want.
Kathleen said...

Oh my, Karen, you have been busy travelling through blogland and podcastville! I can't possibly keep up with you, but thank you for blazing the way for us!
Blessings, K

KarenHarveyCox said...

Thanks Kathleen, I am so glad that you enjoy links into blogland. The older I get the less sleep I seem to need, yet my husband being a light sleeper and my daughter sound asleep at night I sneak down to my husband's computer and google my heart out. I just have to share these treasures in blogland.

Teri C said...

You always have the most interesting posts and find the most interesting places! Thanks for sharing them.

One Crabapple said...

Thank You ! I have been enjoying OZ !

So many interesting links that I have not seen or heard of. I HAD to go check out Olive ! WOW , how about THAT ? This inspires me to post a Happy Birthday to her on Saturday -- thank you so much for all this wonderful info.

I love your bird painting.

And now...for the hot air balloon ride....


Anonymous said...

HI, thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself! I have just soent a half hour going through your blog which is not only beautiful but very unsual. It is packed with stunning photos and information and spirituality. I love it. I also really loved seeing the photos of Wilson Farm, which looks like a place I would love to visit. I have also really enjoyed the music, some of my favorites!


Jana B said...

LINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must go visit them!!!

LOL thanks for the cooking one, especially!

maxie said...

That is the sweetest little bird!

melissa @ the inspired room said...

These are some great links you've shared, I am enjoying your blog! I somehow missed getting you on my favorites list, I am off to add you now!

Thanks for all the neat inspiration here!


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