Winston Flowers

Winston Flowers, originally uploaded by bluebirdsandteapots.

I love window shopping in Concord, and my favorite shop is Winston Flowers.

It is the presentation that I go crazy for, rows and rows of large glass vases displaying gorgeous Hydrangea. Stacks and stacks of planters with flowers all in the same shades of color arranged in perfectly cut proportion. It is not just the arrangements that make this shop so spectacular, but it is the special way that the shop celebrates bouquets of the most beautiful freshly cut flowers.

I have been to several of their shops, each one is equally as gorgeous, but I especially love Winston Flowers in Concord.

This lovely bluebird card came from the wonderful Thoreauly Antiques on Walden Street. I love browsing in this shop, everything is so beautifully displayed. Each card, notion, button and sheet music is wrapped and carefully displayed. I found some great sheet music for some tussie mussie projects for Christmas.
windy angels said...

I absolutely love florist shops. They are a most beautiful place to visit. Thank you for reminding me. This one looks splendid. I totally adore the bluebird card.
Wendy XO