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This time of year I always remember the different places that we have lived at Christmas time. I believe that one of my favorite Christmas memories is when we lived in Canada. We lived in a place called Oakville in Ontario and during the Christmas holidays it was so beautiful. Oakville is surrounded by Lake Ontario and the Lake Shore homes are right on the water. It is a glorious place and whether you are doing your Christmas shopping in the quaint little shops, participating in the Christmas festivities on Lakeshore Drive or just taking in the view, it is a perfect Christmas card. The Christmas holidays begin with the tree lighting ceremonies downtown and the horse-drawn carriage rides and special bus tours.

Our home was so cozy, very near the next-door-neighbor's houses, which helped make such a close-knit neighborhood. I remember such wonderful Christmas parties which everyone in the neighborhood attended. One year our neighbor actually hired the most gorgeous Santa to be at the party for the children.

We lived in a section of Oakville called Fairway Hills. The decorations on all the houses were spectacular and on Christmas Eve buses arrived touring our homes. Illuminators were dropped off early Christmas Eve for all of us to light and by evening our little village was completely aglow in the spirit of Christmas. We all met in the common area and sang Christmas carols together and the gift of Christmas was perfect for all of us. I found my neighbor Sharon on the Christmas caroling section of the web site for Fairway Hills. The photo of her is the top right corner and of course she is coordinating everything. She also helped put together the neighborhood picnic every year when we lived there. Sharon and Gordon are the best neighbors ever! Merry Christmas, Sharon I can't wait to see you and Gordon on your Christmas card.

The Christmas TreeI was so excited when I found the site for Fairway Hills, you can listen to them caroling and they have a special video of the Festival of Lights. If you look real close you might see our home there. Each year as you enter the neighborhood we collected money for the Salvation Army. I read on the site that 2006 they raised over eight thousand dollars. I love the generosity of the Canadian people!

I couldn't have asked for a lovelier Christmas card. The neighbors, the memories and the sights and smells of Christmas in Oakville will live in my heart forever. I love that my girls were young enough to take full advantage of the family-oriented atmosphere in Canada but old enough to have memorized the special times. Some day when they are adults they will cherish these memories like I do today.

Merry Christmas Oakville

Blessings, Karen

Christmas 2000This is a photo of our Christmas tree in Canada. Everything is bigger in Canada including the ceilings, we were able to have a twelve foot Christmas tree and have plenty of room for our tree topper. The song for this post is Christmas Eve
SUE said...

Thank you for your lovely comments about my home Province. I am originally not too far from Oakville, and I totally agree with you. Even though I am far away in Florida this season, reading your words brought a nostalgic lump to my throat. Thank you so much.

Alison Gibbs said...

Great post Karen. It's funny how christmas always brings back so many memories. That is one big tree.

. said...

This card is wonderful.

Mary Isabella said...

Wonderful post. I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the Happiness of the season. Mary