In Search of Spring

Bluebirds and Birdhouses Minis

I think it was the Birdhouse Challenge designed by Karla and Beth called Bling Your Birdhouse scheduled for March 27th, that had me noticing birdhouses lately.

bluebird and birdhouses

It was so nice to concentrate on something that reminded me of Spring.

Hotel Birdhouse

We have had record snowfall this season. I believe it was November when it started and Oh yes, more expected tonight. So I set off with my camera this week to capture beautiful birds and birdhouses.

100_2082My bluebirds won't be back until Spring...I mean actual Springtime weather.

bluebirds and Birdhouses Minis

But, I found time to notice my little make believe ones and I took time to paint them too.

Bluebird and Birdhouse Celebration

Well, by now you probably think I have gone completely mad when you realize there is no music on this post...just the lovely sound of birds chirping and doves moaning. It reminded me of my favorite bird aviary and I thought it perfect for those of us who long for Spring.

dovesThis week I took a ride to anything that hinted at Spring, which led to favorite nesting kinds of places, and wonderful Tower Hill Botanical garden. On a drive I often enjoy, there is a wonderful gazebo on a pretty lake. The lake is home to ducks, geese, swans, ducklings and even seagulls. As I drove by, I noticed there was a car parked in the middle of the parking lot and they were evidently feeding these feathered friends because the car was surrounded by all the ducks, geese, ducklings and seagulls.

Feeding Frenzie

They were all flocked near the car. A flickr moment if ever I saw one. I turned into the parking lot, parked my car and on foot, I carefully approached the birds so I wouldn't make them scatter and ruin the magic.

Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose

It was a mother, grandmother and two children. They had brought all kinds of food with them that birds would love. With smiles on their faces they turned to me and without speaking a word we knew each other. People who know when to stop and embrace a bit of magic. The mom looked over with such joy, look at all the fuss she had created and loving every moment which she had designed for her mom and her children.


I loved it, because it brought back wonderful memories of when I did similar kinds of things for my mother and my daughters. It was so sweet stepping into a joyful moment that she was pleased to share. She had no idea that it meant more to me than just embracing the photos, it was revisiting another chapter filled with beautiful memories.

Miss Goose

I was welcome and I totally enjoyed myself. Here are the results of a flickr moment.

Geese, Seagulls, Pigeons, Ducks, and Birds

Now before I fly away, the music or should I say sound for this post is Spring Birds. I chose this sound because it brought back the memory of beautiful Hong Kong Park at their aviary standing on the landing pointing to all the birds with my mother, Sarah and Ashley. A moment so special, that the very sound of an orchestra a birds makes me cry happy tears. The kind of tears that say "I am so glad that I have this memory, but so sad that you will never be again." The kind of tears that burst without warning from some deep place within. When you are touching a heart memory and you want to embrace it for as long as you can before it vanishes into the land of memories.

Birdhouse in SpringI was in search of Spring, but thanks to that lovely mother in the park I was given something better...reminders of all the beautiful Springs that I have shared with my mother and my daughters. My mom is 81 years old and she is happy and healthy and we talk every day.

Come Fly With Me I set out to find Spring, and instead I found a wealth of Spring memories that I have been blessed with over my lifetime. I realized that once again searching for something outside, I found my bluebird right inside my heart. My mother always taught me to know when a special moment was happening and to stop where I was and memorize it. For this I will forever be grateful, because just like the gift of this unexpected reminder of another chapter, all my special days are written in my heart for me to play whenever I want to count my blessings and fly away to...Once Upon a Time.


Every time I write a post, I call my mom and I read it to her over the telephone. She always approves, after all she is my biggest fan. I realize this is very special and right this very moment, snow and all, I am standing still and memorizing today.

A Bluebird WishNo matter what season you are enjoying, I wish you a bluebird wish to be reminded of all your seasons of blessings.

(Just a footnote, I think that Blogger might not be feeling well, comments are a bit quirky. So, comments might be a bit slower than usual. Lots of people have reported difficulties with their blogs this week...Not to worry they will fix it soon."
Tara said...

Loved these pics and the sounds you have with them, I am going to keep your blog on while I clean my livingroom if you do not mind so at least it can feel springy in here as I listen! Thanks!

KarenHarveyCox said...

How adorable Tara, the sound of birds ushering in Spring is...(as Martha would say) such a good thing! Blessings, Karen

toothfairy said...


I stumbled across your marvelous blogsite today for the first time! I was filled with joy! The bird-themed pictures were lovely and the memories you spoke of were so touching. Your spring decorating ideas made me want to work on my own more! You are a talented soul. I will come over more often to visit. Jan@daylilylane

Alison Gibbs said...

What a fabulous post and listening to the birds was wonderful. Today 1st March is the first day of Autumn/Fall for us here in Australia.

Dolly said...

Hi Karen,
Its so nice to meet another christian blogger!
Your blog is beautiful and your painting are an inspiration!

I am off to make a cup of tea and devour the rest of your blog!

Warm Hugz, Dolly

SweetAnnee said...

Oh what a great blog..
and I do love the bird songs!!
thanks so much for letting ME find YOU
hugs, Deena

Lynda said...

This was a beautiful post, Karen! I remember feeding the ducks and geese with my mom and brother ... you brought back some lovely memories! ~ hugs, Lynda xox

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a wonderful post Karen! I enjoyed all of the bluebird and bird house photos. And the bird photos at the park are wonderful too! I love listening to birds. Thanks for the link to this lovely soundtrack.

Happy March 1st!

hazel said...

I managed to send the same comment 4 times above, then I managed to delete all instead of leaving one. Golly!!! I'll try again...
I love the beautiful photos here. My hubby saw a dozen or so Cardinals at the job site yesterday, that has to be a sign of Spring, right?
I love the birdhouses and your etsy sight! Thanks!

Gabriela said...

Hello Karen,

I love all these photos and the sound of birds in the background. Just lovely!

*Thank you so much for your post.

Warm regards,


KarenHarveyCox said...

Thank you, this soundtrack is perfect for what I wanted to express in this post. Blessings, Karen

Mrs.B said...

I just love that glass bluebird in the top picture. I've seen it in other photos and it is just so striking.

KarenHarveyCox said...

I love that little bluebird too. It's funny I had read on someone's blog that they had found this funny little place on their vacation called
I admired it so and thought I will order one. The very next day I was in one of the local book stores here and there they were nicely packaged and stacked on a table. I had to take him home.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Just a blogger thing, but several people have mentioned all sorts of problems. I have noticed that the comments are acting a bit quirky.

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Karen,
You've put so much time and effort into this delightful post! I've loved visiting you!! Thankyou for your efforts

Linda said...

Hi Karen,
Oh I so love all of your photos of the birds and birdhouses. The white geese are one of my favourites, I have slowly been trying to talk my husband into getting some, he has now gone from a definite no to a we'll see.
Cheers Linda

Angela said...

Judy Garland! That's Judy! Sorry that was the first thing that poped into my mind. I just LOVE the music on your blog, each time I visit!!! Your works are wonderful! I just love birds! Sometimes I wish that I had wings and could just fly away like a bird. :) Music added to your work toooo...WOW! I just love it!