Tulip Ballet

My creation

After the holiday is over...

My creation I need time to put all the bunnies away,

tulip eggand say goodbye to all my favorite colored eggs.

My creationI need that bit of time to reflect on all the LOVE and memories, so that I surely have them memorized.
My creationI take time out to count my blessings,

As I sip my cup of tea and smile at all the Easter memories of past and present.

100_2487Tomorrow I will anticipate the next special day,

My creationwhen all the Easter decorations are put away.

Then as Spring stands on our doorstep ready to awaken all the beauty,

I will surely welcome the new season with open arms.

100_2498Yet as my favorite guru teaches me every day,

Take Time To Smell The Flowersmy little puppy, the Ambassador of Joy, Cocoa reminds me to take time to smell the flowers, and to live in this moment, capture it's specialness before I run to embrace tomorrow.

Cocoa BabooshkaThe song for this post is Waltz of the Flowers.

My creation
Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Karen what beautiful flowers.

Rue said...

The flowers are beautiful and you captured them wonderfully.

Cocoa is pretty cute too ;)


Mo'a said...

This Easter was a quiet one...my Parents had dinner with us. Since there were just four of us we talked about past Easters and family get together. It was great fun.
Love the yellow tulips.

Anonymous said...

what lovely flowers, i love love the color yellow, it's so perfect and symbolic for spring!

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Teri C said...

Such a beautiful introspective post!! Perfect for putting the eggs away.

Linda said...

Hi Karen,
The photos of the yellow tulips are wonderful. My Mum is Dutch, so whenever I see tulips I think of her. I hope that you had a wonderful Easter, I'm not ready yet to take down the few Easter decorations that I have, maybe next week.
Cheers Linda

Cherish the Home said...

I just love Cocoa's sweet face, what a cute nose! (o;


Sheila said...

Nothing warms my spirit more at the end of the Winter (& year round really) than fresh cut flowers in my house. Your tulips are so full of sunshine, they glow..!

Gabriela said...

Hello Karen,

Love, love, love all these photos, thank you! And your puppy!

Warm regards,