My creationI have been in my studio painting some new original pieces for my Etsy shop. As I was painting I thought that perhaps creating a special place where I could display my paintings better, and then link to Etsy would provide a nicer showcase.

So, KarenHarveyCox Designs , a Portfolio was launched. On it I have posted each painting that are available in prints, and the title links to the listing on Etsy. I will be adding some new originals for sale in the next coulple of weeks, and some more prints.

To mark the occasion of my new portfolio, I have been adding new prints to my Etsy shop too.


Peony Inspiration
Little Ballerina

I have also been painting some mini originals on canvas in the basket of flowers design. I just added a few of these designs to Etsy.

mini originals
Basket of Flowers, mini canvas and easel

So, I have been having fun creating pretty things.

I also added a card I call Happily Ever After. And I restocked my ribbons and roses blank note cards on my Etsy shop.

Sunset Over Old Silver BeachListening to Enya always takes me to magical places when I paint. This song is Paint the Sky With Stars.

Sunset Over Old Silver Beach

If I could paint the day for you I would paint it happy!

AMHave a lovely day.

Speaking of painting hope, I found this blog through another blog, and another blog and then.....ta dah!

Hope Revo This blog is dedicated to printing out notes, which she has a template for, that spread hope. Isn't that wonderful, she paints hope everywhere she goes.

Here is a sample of her notes:

She started leaving these notes all over her city and it started to spread. She encourages us to do the same. Isn't she wonderful? In a world that is so lacking in hope, what a brilliant idea. Please visit her blog. This girl paints HOPE.

She writes: "hopeREVO began one evening when I decided to hide encouraging notes around New York City. This simple act inspired other people who heard about it to do the same in their cities. Days later, my inbox was flooded with messages from people spreading hope in their communities, after reading about it on my blog, and as it propagated through the Internet on other sites. So, I decided to develop this website to start a hope revolution."

My creation

Beautiful!!! They are all so lovely....

Teri C said...

Gosh, these are all so beautiful Karen! Someday you must give me a lesson so I can open an Etsy shop :)

CIELO said...

Lovely... all your paintings are just too lovely! and talking about Enya; I love her music, as a matter of fact, I have her music playing on my blog too; all my music is from her... :)

Enjoy the lazy summer days...


Kathleen Grace said...

I am just waiting to see your new vreations! The prints you sent me should be ready for hanging soon!:>)

Mary Isabella said...

All of your things are so beautiful!! I know that you create froem your heart........Mary

Beverly said...

Karen, thank you for the link. Spreading hope is the best thing to do.

Love your new site. I have been meaning to order your Summer Breeze. I just need to find a few minutes to get myself organized.

Cottage Rose said...

You have lovely paintings. I really like the colors you use in them. The basket for flowers is my favorite.