Tasha Tudor Day and Thankful Thursday

There are some people on earth that make you feel safe, just knowing that they are here. Even if you don't know them personally, knowing about how they live their life grounds you somehow. Tasha Tudor was one of those people for me. A copy of my favorite children's book, The Secret Garden illustrated by her sits on my bookshelf.

She influenced my artwork and made me feel free to be myself. She lived as if it were still the 1800's, her dress, lifestyle and customs created a magical world.

My creationToday, August 28th is her birthday, she would have been 93 years old. She passed away earlier this summer on June 18, 2008.

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Whenever I see a corgie, I think of the children's books about Corgiville, written and illustrated by her. I have a copy of Corgiville Fair.

My sister, Susan gave me the Take Peace video for Christmas one year. A beautiful interview and tour of her home, garden and lifestyle. I love to make a cup of tea and watch it for comfort and inspiration.

A few years ago, I attended the Worcester Flower show. As I turned the corner, I almost squealed with delight at the sight of a booth dedicated to Tasha Tudor.

I met her grandson Winslow, who has written the most beautiful tribute to his grandmother, called Tea Story. He suggested that I buy this first edition, signed copy of the Tasha Tudor cookbook. Serendipity surely paid me a visit on that day. Here are some receipts straight from Tasha's kitchen. "Receipt is the old spelling of 'recipe' and was still used by Tasha Tudor."

In the cookbook she writes about how she had a tradition of placing a birthday cake on a slab of wood, lighting the candles and sending it down the brook to greet the little Birthday guests. She writes...

"It was dark by then, so you can imagine the surprise of the guests at the sudden appearance of this fairy convoy."

One of the wonderful things that I admired most about her was her ability to believe in the magic that she created. She designed wonderful dolls and then held a wedding and invited her children and all the children in the neighborhood to attend. She created a dolls clothes catalog that her children could order from, and she charged buttons and made the clothing secretly herself.

Her prints hang in my guest room, and several of her books are on the night stand.

The Tasha Tudor Advent calendar was a gift given to me my first Christmas living in Hong Kong. That first Christmas that I had it on display it was cherished, and it continues to have a special place amongst my decorations each Christmas.

Thankfully, Tasha Tudor handed down her legacy of talent and lifestyles. Her web site called Tasha Tudor and Family is filled with books and artwork and information about Tasha Tudor and her family.

When I read The Private World of Tasha Tudor there was one photograph in particular that caught my eye. I did an illustration of her here as she pours a cup of tea for a little girl.

Tasha's Tea


Happy Birthday, I know that up in heaven you are
surrounded by your angels. I imagine that your
birthday cake rests on a golden tray, reflecting the
light of each candle, as it floats down a gossamer
stream to celebrate your special day.

We are all so thankful for the pieces of heaven that you
have left here on earth for us to continue to enjoy.

You have sewn so much inspiration during your lifetime.

100_4017I chose the song Waterfall for this post. I am almost certain that every gossamer stream in heaven leads to a beautiful waterfall.

Now, you are in for a special treat. If you follow the links you can learn more about the world of Tasha Tudor because Storybook Woods and Blueberry Cottage and Cajun Cottage Under The Oaks are hosting Tasha Tudor Day to celebrate her birthday. So, please stop by and visit all the tributes to this wonderful woman.

Another nice place to visit today is in honor of Thankful Thursday. One of my favorite people in Blogland, Rhondi from Rose Colored Glasses is hosting this lovely event. For a long time now Rhondi has posted what she is thankful for every Thursday, and now she has invited us to join her. So, visit her blog and see the list of thankfulness and perhaps leave a note about what you are thankful for today.

I am especially thankful today for learning about the wonderful world of Tasha Tudor so many years ago. Her artwork, writing, inspiration, and lifestyle have greatly influenced my life.

My creation
Mimi Sue said...

Such a wonderful artist and woman. She lived her dream.

Amy (Meredith Teagraden) said...

A beautiful tribute to one of my favorite artists!

M.Kate said...

Dear Karen, as usual, reading your blog is like being transported to another world or land, tks for the beautiful pictures, they are inspiring. have a great week/end , hugs :D

Wren Cottage said...

Dearest Karen... thank you so much for this post...I'm sitting with tears streaming down my face... you said and posted so beautifully the way I feel about this dear lady.... thank for sharing this and the other links that I will visit once I regain my composure :) ... you are blessing... your drawing is just precious! love it so much!
hugs to you darling girl ****
~ Madai

Heidi said...

Hello Karen. So nice to 'meet' you! And to think that Tasha brought us together today. I love your tribute to her. She will live on forever in our hearts.

Hugs ~

Vanessa said...

I am so happy to have found your blog through our friend Heidi. I too love Tasha Tudor and your post is such a beautiful tribute. I look forward to reading my way through your blog. You have a new friend in me.


smilnsigh said...

Thank you for your lovely tribute entry, to Dear Tasha.

Miss Mari-Nanci
Smilnsigh blog

Deb said...

Beautiful Tasha Tudor tribute!

sandra/tx said...

What a wonderful tribute to Tasha Tudor. You have a beautiful blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today. Drop in anytime.

Beverly said...

She was truly a beautiful spirit among us.

Thank you for all of the wonderful memories.

Rhondi said...

Hi Karen
I knew you would create a beautiful tribute to Tasha Tudor. She was a very special lady. I have 2 of her books: The Lord's Prayer and Tasha Tudor's garden. Hope you're having a lovely day.
Hugs, Rhondi

Suzanne said...

What a beautful post!!! Great tribute :-)

Storybook Woods said...

What a beautiful tribute to Tasha. Your painting is so lovely, I know Tasha would love it. Thank you for joining in. Clarice

CIELO said...

Hi Karen... such lovely tribute to such an accomplished artists...

May the sun shine upon you today


LiLi M. said...

I have to say that I never heard of Tasha Tudor until she died recently and several of my favorite bloggers mentioned her death in their blogs. The more I read about her the more interesting she becomes. Thanks for this lovely tribute! Have a great day!

Cay G. said...

What a wonderful, lovely, post, Karen. You've said the very thoughts I've had about Tasha. Thank you for sharing and joining us in this Remembrance Day Tribute.

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

Dear Karen, what a lovely post. My sister now owns our copy of The Secret Garden but I can close my eyes and see the beautiful illustrations. Your blog is so special. I'm glad to know you. ~Kathy

marita said...

Thanks for yuor beautiful tribute! I like your paintings.