Thankful Thursday

One of my favorite people in Blogland, Rhondi from Rose Colored Glasses is hosting Thankful Thursday. For a long time now Rhondi has posted what she is thankful for every Thursday, and now she has invited us to join her.

My creation

Today I am thankful for the lovely friends that I have met since I first started Blogging.

The Adventures in Blogland

The Blogland DiariesSo many places and resources to explore, and the best part is connecting with so many wonderful people.

Rhondi asked me to simply put text to her lovely photograph for Thankful Thursday. It was my pleasure. She sent me this lovely book and card as a thank you. Thank you Rhondi.

My creation

Mary Isabella of Daisy Bouquet introduced me to Play It Forward on her blog, and because I left a comment on her special post, she sent me this pretty tea towel and these grannie squares made by Mary's mother-in-law fifteen years ago, and this pack of Wildflower seeds. Her mother-in-law has gone to be with the Lord, and I will cherish these hand-made pieces even more. What a surprise to see this package in my mailbox. If you haven't already, you must stop by and visit her, she always brightens my day.

My creation
When I plant these wildflowers and they begin to bloom, I will be reminded of the friendship that has bloomed over this year of blogging, Mary.

My creation

Every day I receive wonderful encouraging words and get invited to all sorts of blogging fun. I am so thankful for the wonderful people I have met in Blogland. I am thankful for all of you.

Stop by Rhondi's place to read about other Thankful Thursday posts today.

Travel in Blogland

The Blogland DiariesThe song for this post is See Me Fly.
Tara said...

Hi Karen

You are one of the most thankful people I know, Thursday or anyday! Awonderful, talented person!


Chris said...


You are so right! Blogging has opened doors to inspiration & friendship I could have never imagined! Somedays, I find it hard to drag myself away from my computer knowing that there are so many more places to explore!

I alway enjoy visiting your blog and seeing your beautiful creations & photography!

Thank you, Chris

Jane Marie said...

I just did a scroll down and read someof your older posts. You are truly talented in many areas. Very nice blog; I am glad Rhondi started Thankful Thursdays because I am stretching away from the garden and food blogging world, as I have many interests.
I will stop by again soon, to see what else you posted about.

Mary Isabella said...

Thank-you for the beautiful post about my small gift to you. Your are a Blessing to so many...Mary

Rhondi said...

Hi Karen
Thank you for yur friendship and all your kind words. I think yours is one of the most blogs in blogland and I alwasy love the way you choose music to accompany it!
Hope you're having a good week.
Hugs, Rhondi

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Karen...thank you for stopping by my nice to meet you!

What a wonderful post about friends...yes, blog friends are the best!

Take care and hugz,

Tracy said...

Hi, Karen! Lovely post...I was musing about friendship today on Thankful Thursday too...what a blessing is frienship, and blog friends! Beautiful images here today...Happy Day ((HUGS))

Beverly said...

Karen, we are all thankful for you. You openly and freely share your kind heart and love for all with us.

nikkicrumpet said...

Hi Karen...I found your blog through Rhondi's. And I'm glad I did. Isn't it amazing how many friendships are forged here in blogland. But there are so many amazing people to meet! I just wish there were more bloghours in a day!

Mimi Sue said...

Thanks for visiting my new blog, Karen. Your blog is just beautiful. I am so impressed with your gorgeous paintings. What a talent! I have taken a watercolor class and am truly awed by anyone who can paint like you do! I will be back for a longer visit soon. Thanks again for the comment...Mimi Sue

hip chick said...

I have only just strated blogging...I feel like singing that song..."How long has this been going on..." and I am amazed at the tight knit community here in blog land.

CIELO said...

... and I'm thankful for every blessing, seen and unseen.... and for a safe return from my trip to the galaxies.... :) Thanks for running away with me for a while, and for all your warm wishes and concerns. Hopes for joy, bliss, laughter, faith, peace, and love be with you....



CIELO said...

Hi again Karen.... I wasn't able to leave a comment on your "award" post, so I'm leaving my thanks and gratitude here for having thought of me when passing your well deserved award.... I’ll talk about it soon. And by the way--love your music "I can fly".... is it alright if I use it on my blog? Just charming...



Among the Hedgerows said...

What a lovely post, Karen! Blogging has opened so many doors for me and I've met the most wonderful people that I'm happy to call friends here! Thank you for being one of them!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Karen,
I love Rhondi and her Thankful Thursdays...It is so nice that you are doing it to.....I really enjoy my visits to both of you!

Nance said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks to the Thankful Thursday for I got to meet you. I love your blog and will come back.