Tuesday September 23rd begins the NIE NIE BENEFIT SALE

Is it 10 o'clock yet? That's when it begins the exciting and beautiful...

If angel's clocks had wings I am sure that they would all fly over to Etsy today at 10 o'clock Pacific Standard Time, (which will be 1 o'clock Eastern Standard Time) to see all the gorgeous things on sale for the Nie Nie benefit. Morgan of One Moor Morgan has generously dedicated her time and money to create this amazing two days on Etsy. On September 23rd and 24th there will be an auction on Etsy for Nie Nie. It is called the NIE NIE BENEFIT SALE on Etsy. As I read my daily reads today, I was awestruck at the beautiful donations for this sale.

This beautiful doll called the Nie Nie doll was created by Du Buh Du Designs , Christine Alvarado designs the most magnificent hand-made dolls and miniature portraits. This is one of the many beautiful creations donated for Nie Nie that you will find on the NIE NIE BENEFIT SALE on September 23rd and 24th.

So, if would like to purchase some lovely things and participate in the fund raiser for Nie Nie, please stop by. You can read about Nie Nie at her sister's blog.

On Morgan Moore's blog One More Moore, she writes:

"The Etsy sale will start at
10:00 a.m PST
Tuesday, Sept. 23rd.
click here

Is this a sale or an auction? It's a sale. There will be no bidding, just set prices on item's. The reason for this, is that I wanted everyone to have a chance to purchase/contribute not just those with the highest bid.

How about that gorgeous Nie Nie Doll- I want it. Now. Yes, I've received all your emails. You wanted me to hold it for you, you wanted to pre-purchase it. I know, it's totally rocks. Christine is AMAZING. I've been speaking with Christine today and because there is such a demand for that sweet doll, it's going to be auctioned off here on the blog. There will be a separate post here, watch for it Tues. morning. Bidding will take place in the comments. Bidding will end on Wed. at 5 p.m. PST. "

Morgan is the host of this incredible benefit. If you would like to read more, or if you have any questions, she has answered them all on her blog.

Nie Nie Benefit, originally uploaded by bluebirdsandteapots.

Just a mention about this clock broach. I just so happened to have it tucked away in my jewelry box. I love that it says 10 after 10'clock. The angels are surely overseeing this beautiful benefit.

I learned how to make this from the amazing Karen from Ink About It. The song for this post is another one of those Hans Zimmer main themes called The Romance.
Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Thanks for the info...I am off to check it out.

Mimi Sue said...

I'm so impressed with all the donations and support from the blog world. Nie Nie has such a cute little family. We have been praying for them. Mimi

MARIA said...

Nie Nie sounds familiar to me.
Is it Polish word?
Very nice Nie Nie Doll and I'll be try to read more.

Love & Peace be always with you!

MARIA said...

Dear Karen,
I'd like to Thank You for your sweet visit and vishes.
Please, InterneTional Friends Award is for you!

My sincere greetings
from Poland

MARIA said...

Love your music,
and what a beautiful clock.


Good morning Karen,

I will check this out!

~ Gabriela ~

CIELO said...

Sounds like fun! Enjoy your day, sweet lady!



Kathleen Grace said...

Just one more example of how generous, kind and loving this blogging community can be. It restores ones faith in humanity:>)

Cottage Rose said...

I would love to donate some of my crafts that I make for them. But I am not sure how to go about it. So could you please help me out with this. I have a Esty shop called Cottage Rose Chic. I Thank you very much for the help with this. And how wonderful of and idea of selling items to help them out. God Bless you and God Bless them.