A Cocoa Christmas Wish

Our little Cocoa just loves Christmas. I caught her looking out the window dreaming about Christmas...

She was doing her chores around the house, and I just new she was thinking about Christmas.

"Yes Cocoa..."

What A Face

"What's that you say?"

Cocoa the Wonder Dog

I saw her sitting in the chair looking out the window dreaming of Christmas morning. Blowing bubbles and dreaming the day away.




She went for a ride on her skateboard, but nothing could take her mind off Christmas...


I could see it in her eyes, thoughts of biscuits, bones and teddy bears.

Cocoa in trouble

Then she put on her Santa Hat and wrote her Christmas Wish List.

Oh, poor Cocoa...

Not to worry, you are just too cute for Santa to ignore you!

Now I know what you are thinking...but honestly this is all the same dog.

cocoa the wonder dog

So glad that we brought this little puppy home...

Our Cocoa and her many animated faces. P.S. She smiles when she is happy too!

colored pencil cocoa

The Song for this post is The Christmas Puppy.

Don't You Just Love Christmas?
Queen of Dreamsz said...

Karen, I love all the pics of your doggie...my Miss Morgan smiles too..they really are special furbabies, arent they?!

Queen of Dreamsz

LiLi M. said...

Oooh Karen she is darling! I bet Santa will fullfill each of her wishes! You can make a post with her smiling then! Have a good day!

Kathleen Grace said...

what a little cutie!

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Ha! What a Delightful Doggy!! Those looks say it all don't they?? What a personality!! Cocoa Skateboards??? Wow! She should be on TV!!! Beautiful Pup! Thanks for sharing Karen, you made my day.
Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

celestina marie said...

Hi Karen,
Oh~~~I am in love with sweet Cocoa! What a cutie pie. The pictures are adorable.

I bet Santa brings her bunches!!
What a little STAR on the skateboard. Such talent in your family!!
hugs, Celestina

Anonymous said...

I have an inside source to Santa, and the list definitely says Cocoa has been good this year. Please tell the poor little thing, so that she doesn't worry anymore.

Beverly said...

Oops, that anonymous is me.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Cocoa is just adorable! Does she really ride that skate board? That is too cool!

windy angels said...

darling, darling pooch. thanks for showing us all her many moods. I love the picture with the baubles and bubbles.

Mo'a said...

Adorable...May all your dreams come true Cocoa.

A fanciful Twist said...

What a precious!!!

Happy Happy Happpppy one day late birthday darling lovely delightful Karen!!

I was telling Lisa Oceandreamer that you are a delightment and such a dear kind wonderful soul!!

Lots of extra hugs, you know, you get a whole birthday week!!

xoxo, Vanessa

Margie said...

Karen, I just love cocoa, and what a fantastic thought out and presented post....I hope she gets all she is dreaming of from santa. hugs Margie.

Betty Jo said...

Cocoa is adorable.I've enjoyed my first visit to your blog, and meeting Cocoa. xoxo

rochambeau said...

Cocoa is a pretty girl. You are lucky to have one another! Animals are what puts a soul into a home. Yes I too believe dogs smile and quite a bit!

Hope all is well Karen!

Marina Capano said...

Hi Karen! nice post and nice blog that you show with as!

I can know why my blog can´t the comments windows, becouse it had a lot of post and it was dificult loaded comments, my blog was bigger than now, at the moment it has only 7 post!

well! I hope you in my giveaway! please my friend!


Marina Capano said...

ahh your doggi is so cute!tan lindo!

Linda said...

Oh she is adorable.
My Lab Girl Poppy would love her as a playmate.
Unfortunately long flight for a walkies! have a lovely Christmas.