How Do You Capture A Snowflake

Getting back from Vermont there were so many things to do, and tried as I might to create something for my post today, my To Do List was dancing in my head. We haven't had any snow just yet, and I know it will be here soon. So, I am posting something I wrote last year all about glorious snow.

How do you capture a SNOWFLAKE...

One that is big enough for you to see it’s magical detail?

You can memorize it as you admire the flakes floating down within nature’s snow globe,

Snowflakes caught on your glove

You can try to catch it on your mitten,
You can catch it in your bare hand...before it melts,
Or you can capture it on your doggie who is out for a play,

ashley's first experience with snow

You can catch it on your tongue before it falls to the ground,
Or make a snowball and take a bite of it's wonder,

You can build a snowman and watch the snowflakes twinkle in the moonlight,
You can capture it on your shovel, until you have about a thousand collected in a pile,

Or you can catch it on your camera lens to save forever,


You can make a snow fort and capture them in nice blocks of snow,
Or lie down next to your doggie and children and share the adventure of making snow angels,

Happy Snow

When all the snowmen have melted and the buds are on the trees,
And my garden will begin to bloom,
You will probably hear me say,
“Oh, I miss the snow."

But I have a secret place to reflect on flickr
So when I am missing winter. I can visit my snowflakes...
Or on everybody's photostream collected in nice groups,
And on my flickr set named SNOW!

snow & bushes

So when other seasons are being celebrated or if your weather doesn't permit,
Simply visit my photos and you will see New England's dream and the answer to...
How to capture a SNOWFLAKE.

Snowflakes in your yard

Last year one one Saturday morning we awoke to the most magical snowfall. The kind that celebrate great BIG snowflakes that put icing on all the trees and make you feel like you are in the center of a snow globe.

Cocoa Magic

Even little cocoa was mystified by it all. The heart shaped smoodges were left by Mr. Plow man, who Cocoa hearts, so maybe she put them there. I only know that when I was cropping this photo, I couldn't help but notice the heart. Isn't that just like little Miss Cocoa, she always celebrates life's little magic!

Catch a Snowflake

The song for this post is It's Christmas.
Blessings, Karen
Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Beautiful!!! I do so love snow. I want snow for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.♥Mary♥


Hello Karen,

This is a fun post, I love snow!

~ Gabriela ~

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You make it all seem pretty wonderful and I know that it is. It's just that the older I get, the less I enjoy much work for all that beauty!

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Karen, I just had to write to write and tell you how much I appreciate reading your blog. You are blessed with the magnificent gifts of tenderness,kindness,and gentleness. The words and photos unite to create a such a peaceful place to visit! Thank you friend.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Karen your snow pictures are just beautiful I wish I lived somewhere there was a little more snow. We get flurries..light dustings. But seldom inches and inches of the beautiful white snow. I want to build a snowman and make snow angels!

Mo'a said...

There is nothing as wonderful as the snow in New England.
We don't get much snow in our area. Only a dusting last year.
Love your photos.

ann said...


Beverly said...

I hope you get another magical snowfall very soon. Thanks for share your magic with us today. It is beautiful.

CLAUDINE said...

magnifiques photos et trés belle musique
bonne soirée

Elizabeth said...

I love that thick magical snow that coats everything, too; until it gets too heavy and pulls down power lines!

Elaine said...

Karen....the snow pictures are lovely. Here in Phoenix we never get snow. We can drive a couple of hours north to Flagstaff to enjoy it, but to me there's just something special about waking up to snow in your own backyard! I miss it!
Hope you have plenty of lovely snowfalls this season. Be sure to post about it and those of us who have none can enjoy a little bit of yours!

Kathleen said...

I love your snow photos. You know what else I love about snow? How quiet it is. The snow muffles the noise of the cars on the road. NOthing else like it ever! Thank you for a lovely post, Hugs, Kathleen

Joyce said...

O.K. Karen, you almost made me look forward to the first snowfall. That's a first. You have such a magical and romantic way of looking at things. Your photos are lovely. By the way you made it into the paper for the "Art Ride", I'll save you a copy. Glad you had a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family.

Donna said...

What a wonderful post! Love the snow, and love little Cocoa too!

M.Kate said...

Karen, It is children will love the snow :D

Kathleen Grace said...

We had our first big snowfall this past weekend. Everything was covered in the most beautiful white cloak. Perfect for the season. Hope you get some snow soon:>)

dana said...

Karen, I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Ours was here in Missouri! No snow on that day, but we have had a teeny amount on two days since!!
Hope your week is going well! Dana

alicesg said...

Lovely photos of snow. We dont have snow here but I saw snow and ice in South Korea.

Charlene said...

Oh Karen thank you for sharing your snow photos. I think if we got that much snow here in Texas we would all faint! I mean if more than 5 flakes fall.... heavens forbid close the schools, warning warning SNOW!!!!! Of course you guys don't build bridge overpasses 5 high into the sky so that the first freeze (wet) they have to close because they are solid sheets of ice (with no ground to insulate they freeze so fast) Thank you for sharing your wonder. Happy Holidays

GRAMS said...

Karen, I just found your blog and I am in LOOOOVE! Your posts and artwork are wonderful. Thank you soooo much for sharing.
I live in Utah and we have had no snow yet and I am so depressed about it. I love snow and snowflakes. I just did my dining room ceiling with snowflakes.
Hope you have a happy day. Janis

LiLi M. said...

Great to have you back Karen. What a lovely post! Snow is always beautiful, so pure don't you think. I have to go again, I have to pack and rhyme so much before tomorrow evening!

MARIA said...

Now, I love snow. You are very suggestive. Fantastic work, Karen!
I love your amazing place!

Have a happy day, dear Karen!

CIELO said...

Beautiful pictures of a magical moment.... phew, lots of snow that's for sure! ;) I'm not looking forward to winter, I'm already looking outside my window to welcome spring... (sigh)

Have a blessed Hopeful Friday...