Thankful Thursday

morning mist

oday is Thankful Thursday hosted by the lovely Rhondi from Rhondi’s Rose Colored Glasses.

It's an opportunity to stop and ask yourself what are you thankful for today.


I love music and I am so thankful for the variety of music that serenades my life. My husband introduced me to classical music years ago, my girls introduce me to the young music trends, and then there are all those songs that bookmarked the chapters of my life.

My creation

I enjoy all kinds of music and every day I choose to add a favorite song to my post. Just listening to an old song brings back vivid memories from special days.

The Sytematic Garden at Tower Hill

When I was little I could always envision a soundtrack playing in the background. Just like a lovely movie our life has a song.

A walk in Tower Hill Gardens

Some days I awake with a song or a lyric dancing in my mind. Such a gift to be able to compose such beautiful music.

All that I have to do is remind myself to listen to what might be playing, to celebrate the day.

Temple of Peace at Tower Hill

Nature's ornamentsI love this group, The Secret Garden and their melodies are haunting. They can lead you down a lovely path. The name of this song is called Song from a Secret Garden and perhaps that is what I am feeling today.

Spring at Tower Hill

Life, if we choose to be thankful and think of the good things in our life, our blessings can become our Secret Garden.

Spring at Tower Hill

This song has such a haunting melody leading me deep into dreams far away. That violin seems to be asking us to follow it to toward some magical place.

Spring at Tower Hill

Music-in-the-forestI hope your day is serenaded with some lovely music that brings you home to some dreamy land within.

Welcome Home
Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Hello Karen!
What a Beautiful melody! And what a lovely compliment to your dramatic photos. Gorgeous Friend!

Charlene said...

Your photos are once again to lovely for words. And the music simply adds to the beauty. You have outdone yourself in posts recently. Such thought & beauty. Bless you & thank you for the beauty you bring to Blogland.

studio lolo said...

I often listen to meditation CDs at bedtime but now I think I'll listen to this soundtrack in between. It's mesmerizing, relaxing and lovely. Another beautiful post!

Kathleen said...

I love your post. I have always enjoyed Secret Garden's music, but sort of forgot about it, as I listen to a lot of Country music. But, you have reminded me how beautiful it is. Time to buy some new CD's and enjoy! Thanks Karen, for beautiful photos, and music, Hugs, Kathleen

ann said...

I love your header.You do fabulous work.I don't have a clue HOW you do it.But I love it...Ann

Joyce said...

Oh my gosh, Karen! What a beautiful post!! I also love music. It is so soothing and can bring back lovely memories. It is timeless.

i think i know said...

What a beautiful post. Music can take me back to many moments in my life.My grown daughters say that Paul Simon's Graceland cd is the soundtrack to their childhood. When I hear a Doris Day song I am right back to our 1950's pink kitchen with my dad doing the dishes on Sat morning.Thanks for the memory prompt.

purplepaint said...

Karen - your photos are so beautiful! I'm putting your blog into my favorites and will be back to visit again. :D Marva

xashee's corner said...

(sigh) Thank you for sharing another WONDERFUL journey! so serene and peaceful, i feel when reading your blog and viewing your BEAUTIFUl photos! Thank you so veryy much for ALLLLL that you share! :D Hope you have a TERIFFIC day!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Karen, this is so lovely! I just want to stroll through that secret garden with you. And I adore the music.

Thank you for sharing this walk with us. I'm so glad I took it with you...


Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen!
Yes, I'd have to say music holds a special place in my heart too...there seems to be a song for every mood! And I thoroughly enjoyed your post on artists, too. :) We were right there in the same line of thinking!

hip chick said...

Oh my that song is beautiful. I thank you for sharing it.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...'s so lovely in here today as it always is. The song selection is wonderful and certainly fitting for today's thoughts.

You know, I had never thought of music as a way of marking my life or, as you say, providing chapters. That's really true now that I ponder it. And it's so much better than the way I had been marking my life with food. I can remember every item of food served at every event or major life moment for years. Yes, I'm definitely making the switch to music. Thanks, Karen!

Margie said...

Hi Karen, your photos and work is so good, nourishment for the soul. hope you are well. Thinking of you often. hugs Margie.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Karen,
I always enjoy coming by for a visit, I too enjoy music and since I have absolutely no musical or artistic talent.... I find joy in listening to and visiting with those who do. Thank you for sharing.

jeanne said...

Karen, I just love your beautiful garden post today that you connected to music. A secret garden is a dream garden that intrigues me. I too love music of all kinds. classical music is special love of mine too. Then, I can really dance around the house listening to the Mama Mia soundtrack. Music makes my soul sing. a lovely thankful post Karen


Paula said...

Wonderful thoughts! Thank yo for sharing them, Paula in Idaho