Silhouettes and Kaleidoscopes

This song always makes me cry. I suppose I cry because as I step through these days I await my hope to come back to the surface. I think it must be buried deep within my soul as I walk in today. I lose myself in creating and reading inspiring words.


I remember days when I walked alongside hope and the promise of magic was just around the corner.


I will always believe that it’s only a matter of time before my old friend hope is right next to me. Some day we’ll find it, the rainbow connection and today will be a distant memory of a time long ago, when we had to work at being hopeful.


DSC05587I have been lost in the land of silhouettes and cameos. Whispers of inspiration was found at Foxgloves Fabric and Folly when Heidi wrote about different cameo designs. What is it about silhouettes?


I love them, and I look back to Kindergarten days and remember our teacher cutting out our profiles with black construction paper and with great big fat scissors.


We would sit patiently, as our teacher would study our profile and a bright light would reflect the shadow on the wall behind us, as snippits of black construction paper would fall to the floor. When she was finished I was awestruck. How did she get those teeny tiny eyelashes to appear? In search of the history of silhouettes, I did discover the information I was looking for and an artist who continues to work at the craft of cutting out silhouettes for his customers.

My creation

My lovely lovely friend Teri, who posts amazing artwork on Painted Daisies wrote about her mandalas. She was encouraged to create a slide show using her mandala designs which create an incredible kaleidoscope of her gifts. Since I love toys, I just had to create the slideshow at the top of this post.

My creation

The other night I attended an amazing workshop called Creativity Bootcamp. Miss Ursula and Miss Karen from
Ink About It
did spin their magic.


bookmark-for-silhouettesI have been painting everything in sight with a product called Perfect Pearls ever since. I met so many wonderful kindred spirits in search of the rainbows of inspiration.

DSC05606We are keeping a journal which we are to add samples of playing with art. I love that idea of just playing, it is so freeing. In our journals we are to keep our notes of different techniques and scrapbook, if you will, our artwork samples.


DSC05595I know that Kermit would totally approve. He would be sitting at our table at Creativity Bootcamp playing and coloring. I wish I could travel back into Sesame Street days. Baby Bottles and paintbrushes would be soaking in my sink and I could hear Kermit from the kitchen.

My creation

Now I am all grown up and my babies are too. Reality buries the thoughts of wishing I could leap over this chapter, or crawl back into the dream land of nostalgia. Yet, this version of the rainbow connection seems to suit me. Here I am still with paintbrushes soaking in the sink, and although times are difficult...Someday we’ll find it, the magic will come back and hope will be our best friend...

the rainbow connection... dee da dee da dah.

Wait I think I just saw Kermit in that cloud drifting by. Silhouettes of Kermit stirring a reminder to have child-like faith in this kaleidoscope chapter of life.

Rebecca said...

I absolutely LOVE your Blog. The sils are fabulous. Blessings to are amazing! Rebecca

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh Karen, simply put, you touch my heart. I am now inspired to retreat to my studio and Create!! Bless you Friend!

Gabriela said...

Hello Karen,

Love everything!

~ Gabriela ~

Renee said...

Karen, I have not read enough to know what is going on but what you wrote about hope sounds like it could have been written by me.

I can hear hope in your voice though, whispers of it, encouraging you. Let it encourage you.

You have a beautiful blog and your art is wonderful.

I am over the moon about Vanessa's blog and further over that I have won. Woot woot.

Please take care, I will be here everyday with you from now on wishing that hope finds its way home.

Love Renee

xashee's corner said...

"Silhouettes and Kaleidoscopes" two BEAUTIFUL things! Gosh i LOVE your writing! Thank you so much for sharing! :D Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

Nerissa Alford said...

What a wonderful post. I'm a *bit* obsessed with cameos & silhouettes. Thanks for the eye candy!

Elizabeth Ann said...

I am so very happy to have found your share a deep wisdom and a happy creativity that touches my heart deeply. Thank you for sharing yourself in this way.

I have always found Kermit enchanting (perhaps enchanted) and sad. It's Not Easy Being Green. I had forgotten about this Rainbow Song, so beautiful and true.

May you feel hope as we move through this kaleidescope of life. Great wording!!

RobinfromCA said...

Beautiful post and gorgeous artwork. I love your art journal. Such a treasure.

I don't know what your struggles are but hope is always out there. That's why God gave us beautiful things to see, wonderful things to smell, and soft things to touch. They are His gifts to us to remind us of the hope we have through Him who gives us all things.

There is a quote I remember when I am overwhelmed and need to smile: "God promised he would never give us more than we could endure. Sometimes I wish he didn't trust me so much!"

Here's to hope in all things!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

A beautiful post as always. >>>M>