Thankful Thursday

Today is Thankful Thursday and Rhondi from Rhondi's Rose Colored Glasses is hosting. I am so thankful for a special surprise that happened last week. I was having one of those weeks when everything seems to go wrong and you feel like your family takes you for granted. I felt especially sad and then my friend Maria left me a comment and invited me to see her blog.

There she had done such a beautiful thing. On her blog she had written a post called Karen - Queen of Hearts. She had my paintings all over her blog and links to everything that I have done. I wept, I wept because just when I was feeling so alone and unappreciated, a beautiful lady across the globe in Poland had touched my heart. I had simply sent her a print and she did all this. Although I have told my sweet friend Maria how grateful I was, she will never know how God used her on that day. On a day when I felt so alone, she made me feel so wonderful.

I am so thankful for Maria, she always brightens my day when I see her face smiling on her avitar. I met her through the beautiful Cielo on House in The Roses. Cielo had celebrated Maria on her garden blog.

I remember one particular post where Maria showed us her tomato plants which were so large that they were climbing all the way up to the balcony above her. I squealed because I had written a story about The Tomato Lady about thirty years ago, and here I was meeting the person in the story that I had created. I wrote to her about it, and she put it on her blog. We became instant friends.

In the story the Tomato Lady hands the two little girls visiting her garden two packs of tomato seeds and tells them that our dreams are just like these tiny seeds.

“Wait dear children, I have something else for you,” she said. She reached into her pocket and took out two little bags of tomato seeds. Then she said, “Dreams are just like these packets of seeds. They are not meant to stay inside but to be planted in order to bloom into glorious fruit.” Don’t wait to plant your dreams…plant them today and you will enjoy the fruit soon. Begin today.”

We are not to keep our dreams locked inside, but to plant them right where we are, right now. My lovely friend Maria is wise and lovely just like the lady in my story.

The name of Maria's blog is Pogaduszki przy herbatce, By the way...the graphics on this post are Maria's. On her incredible blog she has her grandson playing the piano, gorgeous graphics everywhere and a google translator. Isn't she amazing?

Oh, and I forgot to mention Maria is 79 years young...on her About Me she writes:

"I am 79 years old and it would seem like there is nothing exciting ahead of me. never know...

Dear Maria, this song is for you...MARIA.
jeanne said...

Good morning Karen, your thankful story about Maria is wonderful and so are you. You are one of the most creative persons I know. I adore your art. Maria is a special person and I would be thankful to know her too.


Kathleen said...

How wonderful that God touched your life with Maria. You and Maria are the kind of women we should all aspire to be. Your post renforces my belief that we can find special friends through blogland. Have a lovely day Karen, Hugs, Kathleen

Leann said...

What a wonderful story thanks for sharing!!

God Bless

the wild raspberry said...

friends are one of God's best blessings!
have a very good day.

Nora said...

Hi.. you left a message on my last week's thankful thursday... I had'nt posted yet for this week.. :)
Thank you so much for your comment though... I also needed that !!!
I LOVE your Thankful Thursday post today...
Its funny that when we are feeling down or unapprieciated... angels come into our lives. I'm glad that maria came into yours
Have a beautiful day

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful story, Karen! God's love for us is always there and comes through when we least expect it.


Vee said...

Oh what a joy! Thank you for featuring such a interesting, talented person who knows how to enjoy each day. God is so in the details, isn't He?!

Off to see what Maria has done...

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

Karen,~~What a lovely friendship!!!!What a beautiful story!!!~~Isn't it wonderful how God knows just what we need. And see how loving He is,that he can take a sweet person across the globe and minister such love and grace!!!The Father is so faithful~ He knows every hair on your sweet head!!!!YOU ARE A VERY TALENTED WOMAN AND YOUR WORK IS SO BEAUTIFUL~~TRULY A GOD GIVEN GIFT~~YOU INSPIRE US ALL~~~MARIA,GOD BLESS YOU SWEET LADY FOR REACHING BEYOND YOURSELF TO BLESS THE LIVES OF SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE~~~YOU INSPIRE US TO BE BETTER PEOPLE~~~Blessings Sweet Karen,Deborah

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Karen, thank you for this inspiring post.

I am so exicted each day looking for the journal that I bought on your Etsy page. It might come today!

PC said...

What a sweet story - thank you for sharing - makes me want to be more consious of my world and help people too.
Paula in idaho

Blondie's Journal said...


You are such a genuine person. You share your creativity, your dreams, your memories and now, your sadness. And then you see that this sadness can be lifted when we are reminded that there are wonderful people like Maria in this world.

So you see, your work spreads love & brings it right back to you. That is truly God's blessing!!

xoxo to a sweet lady...

MARIA said...

OMG...Thank you so, sooo much, dear Karen!
You know... Today I was sad, very sad.
I am happy now, you made me very happy and blessed.
You are God's Angel!

God bless you
and God bless All your beautiful visitors!
Thank you and thank you to All for your beautiful, inspiring words!
Blogging is really beautiful friendship!

Lisa "Oceandreamer" Swifka said...

It does not surprise me in the slightest that you elicit such posts dedicated to you.
isn't it amazing that just when we all need this kind of boost...we find it through another blogger.
Maria sounds positively lovely, I can readily see why the two of you have connected!

xashee's corner said...

the Lord works in mysterious ways! :) Thank you for sharing! Have an AWESOME evening!

PA Fiber Artist said...

Hi Karen,

That is so nice about Maria. She is an angel.

Love, Susan

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

What a Blessing this was to me. Two beautiful ladies showing love for each other...,...m..