What If?

easil & cottage painting

There I was sitting with my morning coffee a few days ago. I put on some old music and went back in time. As I drifted off to daydreaming, I was thinking...what if I took the cottage painting and created cards,

and wrapped them in cottage blue satin ribbons?

lolli cottage cards

What if I took the cottage painting and printed part of it, and made the prints very small...

closeup cottage

and then I iced the print with gold leaf and Perfect Pearls painting?

lolli cottage look in the window

The windows would look all lit up inside,

perfectly illuminating!

Cottage illuminated

Perhaps a bit of old fashioned glitter to border the very small piece of the cottage. To make it look like an old fashioned Vintage card. And then what if I found the perfect little frame?

What if I found the sweetest little shop to put them into?

hmmmmmmmmmm, like a Lolli Shop.

Oh, but those Lolli Shops have the sweetest banners. What if I bought a lovely Lolli style banner and put that in my shop too. A totally perfect one from Sea Dream Studios on Lolli Shops?

Lolli Shop Banner

Yes, that would be perfect, for painting little cottages with Perfect Pearls.

Lolli Shop AvitarTah Dahhhhhhhhhh...Announcing the Grand Opening of MY LITTLE LOLLI SHOP. I have decided to include the shipping cost in the price of each item, if shipped within the U.S.

My creation

I can't wait to play with this lovely shop. Squeal, and you should see the list of vendors on Lolli Shops.
My creation

I couldn't end this post without thanking the lovely Sadie, who designed this incredible "Frou Frou friendly Marketplace" called Lolli Shops. Thank you for creating such a lovely shopping market.

The song for this post is Just A Little Cottage.
Jennie said...

Sounds like a beautiful idea :)

Vee said...

Best wishes with it! The cards are beautiful...the vintage song is perfection.

Lola G. said...

Congratulations on a beautiful venture! Your work is so serene and inviting, and it appears that you've chosen a perfect marketplace in which to offer it to others. Lovely.

xashee's corner said...

BEST of luck on your new store! :) Your designs are BEAUTIFUL! Have a LOVELY day!!

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

That's the way to be creative and show your beautiful work.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

They are so beautiful!!! I know you will do well with your new store...m..

Riet said...

Good luck with your new adventure and may I say I love yout cottage painting. I love cottages.

Rue said...

What a great idea Karen! Your paintings are beautiful :)


LiLi M. said...

How exciting Karen! Good luck on your little shop, it sounds just as if that's what your work needs!
Best wishes!

Kathleen said...

Congratulations Karen on your new shop. Your shop banner is just beautiful. I'll be stopping by! LOve your cards, Hugs, Kathleen

Kathleen Grace said...

ur little cottage painting is one of my very favorites (and I look at mine every day in my living room!) I hope lollishops is very successful for you, you will have to let me know how you like it:>)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Karen! I know you will do well. Your so creative and inspiring. I love to visit here.

Sea Dream Studio said...

Your work is so beautiful! I am so glad that you like your banner. Best of luck with your Lollishop!

Ms. Tee said...

Very pretty! I love your little cottage! :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Karen,

You struck a nerve in me. Your painting is divine and I wish I had the time to dive into my art. Simply beautiful, all the blues and glitter and flowers! Out here in Minnesota, it is COLD, WHITE and still, but your paintings give me a reminder that spring is near. Thanks so much and come by for my silly little play on Saturday! Blessings, Anita

Laurie said...

Those are to die for! I can't wait to visit your new shop! Congrats!

Renee said...

I think if you did all of that. It would be a great and beautiful thing to add to this wonderful and delightful world.


Love Renee

Tara said...


I love seeing how you think about things, always so creative!

RobinfromCA said...

Just beautiful! I think these are going to be a big hit for you - no luck needed!