Gems From The Sea


DSC00976I had finished my interpretation of my teacup wreath for my guest room. It’s a work in progress, but I was pleased with it’s progress.


DSC00808More Spring cleaning downstairs made me want to lay out my gems from the seaside.


DSC00808Shells, books about the seashore and that glorious color of sea glass mixed with shades of white linen in bits of artwork.


DSC00808I had purchased a small seashell frame from a thrift shop on the Cape.


DSC00808I decided to remove the easel back and instead turn it into a tray for my shells and finds.


DSC00953I slipped a white linen hanky inside and covered the bottom with a bit of green felt to protect the table.

DSC00906The day was a brisk New England day and I even saw a few snowflakes dancing in the gray wind. The hawks rode these gusts of wind with great happiness.


DSC00808I don’t know if it was the chill in the air, or the seaside bits all laid out for the promise of warmer days to come. All that I know was that I browsed through books I love to read about the beach and my mind kept wanting to daydream.


DSC00808I browsed through a favorite coffee table book which I had taken off my book shelf to dust. I leafed through the book and admired all the Cottages By The Sea.


DSC00808A dream of someday live by the sea.


DSC00808When I was satisfied with my rearranging and dusting, I sat down with a cup of tea.


DSC00808To continue my mood I watched one of my favorite old movies. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir starring Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison. Natalie Wood plays a little girl in the movie.


DSC00808I was transported back in time and their lovely home by the sea was just as charming as when I had left it, during the last time I had watched the movie. It is one of those movies that you crawl up inside and treasure every moment.

thankful beach 7

DSC00808Each scene escorts you back in time with enchanting dialogue and beautiful scenery. The ending always brings tears and that amazing release that only a good chick flick can bring.

newport ocean spray

DSC00808I enjoyed my rendezvous with the sea today. Even though I never did leave my home, but far within my imagination I was there. Standing in Mr. Muir’s shoes on her balcony watching the waves crash to shore.

Cape Cod

DSC00808Just before sunset, the sun began to shine and the skies cleared up to be a mix of sunshine and gray and white puffy clouds. I bet the sunset looked magnificent as it set over the ocean, reflecting the gems from the sea, which lay on the sand.

beach sunset with beach

DSC00808The song for this post is Karen's Theme.

beach sunset
Casey said...

A beautiful post today Karen!! Thank you for the gift of your words and pictures. You always make my day!! And oh my gosh...."The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" is one of my all time favorite movies!!


Cottage Style Threads said...

Hi Karen,

I really like your post. Thank you for the gift of the sea. Your photos are very nice.

Love, Susan

Joyce said...

As usual, a beautiful post and gorgeous photo's. You are a truly talented woman and I always enjoy visiting with you.

Aurora-tique said...

Oh Karen, I so enjoyed this post and have enjoyed looking through the beautiful pictures, now I see why my daughter loves your blog, I do too.

P.S. I love The Ghost and Mrs. Muir starring its one of my fave's.


Geralyn Gray said...

I am lucky to live by the sea---I need some good reading and those books look like some must haves!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful day by the sea - if only in spirit. I would have liked to join you, but sometimes a visit like that needs to be alone. Thanks for reminding me of Gladys Tabor's book. I need to find it and read it. I'm grateful for your blog. Jackie

Gabriela said...

Hello Karen,

I am in love with these photos of the sea and shells! Fabulous!

~ Gabriela ~

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Great memories of living in Beverly Mass and collecting sea glass! Bisous, Anita

Laurie said...

What lucky guests you have!

LiLi M. said...

There is nothing more relaxing than walking at the beach and looking for shels and glass and other beautiful things the sea (in your case the ocean) gives you. No matter what weather. I am a sea girl too, so I highly appreciate this post, but to be honest you have all lovely posts!
I missed your post on doors, I saw in in the reader as a draft, but missed it anyhow. Still wanted to tell you that your door looks so inviting, it is the entrance of a warm and cosy nest, no doubt.

Laurie said...

P.S. I mentioned you on my blog, here:

lvetopaint said...

I collect those same Margaret Furlong shell angels! I started when she first produced them and now have a curio filled with those lovely little angels. I was so happy to see them in your post today.

xashee's corner said...

ahhhhhhhhh!!! you are taking me where i want to be too! you & i share the same dream of living by the sea! :) Thank you so very much for sharing the journey!! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!! :)

Stephanie said...

Ooooh, I just love all the photos on your blog. Eye Candy!! I want a teacup wreath...that was fabulous!!

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Both poetic and tranquil, your scenes by the sea. That sounds really good right now. Curling up with a good book. Really good.

Lori said...

i want to come to the beach now and gather shells...what a beautiful post Karen...i never saw that movie...but wasn't there a tv show of the same name...i seem to remember that{?}...or maybe not...

Elyse said...

hi karen,

what a beautiful post and the music accompanies it so well. i love the beach and all of the images and treasures, like sea glass and sea stars. i could go on and on.

i would love to have a tiny cottage by the beach. i would fill it up with all kinds of kitchy junk (hmmm ... or would i ???)