Tea and Friendship Tuesday

Today is Tea and Friendship Tuesday over at Charli and Me's blog. Every Tuesday Carol writes a post on everything about tea. She invites us to join her to celebrate Tea and Friendship.

100_3462There is something so healing about a cup of tea.


100_3462I love coffee, but somehow I associate it with running to and fro busy with a "To Do List."

Spring Tea

100_3462Yet a cup of tea means enjoying your favorite person's friendship and memorizing a special moment in time.

100_3462A cup of tea is a gift for you after a hard day. My sister, Susan used to make her own flavors of tea which she called Angel Tea. Now Susan creates a new Etsy shop called Cottage Style Threads.

My Sister Made This

100_3462As a young woman, I would often share a cup of tea with my Grandmother. We would have so many discussions about everything under the sun over a nice cup of tea at her kitchen table.

Welcome to Tea

100_3462Oh, and then there are those enchanting places that serve tea.


tea, book and watercolor boxOf course, I have been known to paint with tea...tee hee.

painting outside with dunkin

100_3462Please visit Charlie and Me and share your thoughts, recipes or favorite tea stories.


100_3462Or perhaps pour yourself a nice cup of tea and read the day's posts HERE.

The song for this post is Tea for Two.

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Vee said...

Oh my! I had forgotten entirely about Carol's doing this!

Lovely post and I enjoyed seeing all the tea things, including that fabulous blue cup with the flowers on the inside and not on the outside. Just the opposite of what one might expect so that's why it stood out, I suppose.

Thanks, too, for the link to find out about gift wrapping. Very timely!

Charli and me said...

Karen what a lovely post! Thank you so much for partisipating in 'Tea and friendship Tuesday's'
Those little tea posts are so lovely and I love the story about your sister and grandmother. It touching and heartfelt ♥ All of your tea things are so pretty. I enjoyed reading your post. I too am off to check out the gift wrapping post. I hope you have a happy day :>)

Beverly said...

Happy Tuesday, Karen. I wish we could share a cup of tea. I would so enjoy the company.

Your post is lovely, and it makes me long for some quiet moments with a friend.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love the tea set up on the rail outside. I would so love to be able to sit in your garden and have a cup of tea with you. I know it would be a memory I would cherish forever..m..

Snap said...

Tea is one of my favorite things.

Beautiful as always!

Thank you....

Blondie's Journal said...

Great post Karen and I agree with you. Coffee for me is to get myself moving. Tea is comfort and relaxing, and also the cure for wahtever is bothering me!


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,

ooohh i love your banner and background. fab!!
i love a good tea party too.
hope all is well.


Home For Tea and Cake said...

Lovely, lovely, tea. You really do capture the essence of a nice cup of tea. Couldn't live without it. Oh and cake of course!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ah yes! That is why my husband and I take tea every evening together; he tells me that he can't wait to come home and have tea with me. I love vanilla tea or anything with a rich caramel flavor! I love Charlie and Me...she is such a sweetheart. Have a lovely Tuesday Tea my friend! Anita

Tara said...


If it weren't for tea, I'd go bonkers!

MARIA said...

I enjoyed my time with you today.
I love a tea party.

What a beautiful post!

I wish you a lot of blessings, dear Karen!

Rhondi said...

Hi Karen
I don't know how I missed visiting you in so long! But here I am now. Hope you have a lovely weekend with your friend. I don't know how I missed tea and frienship Tuesdays either. You know I love a nice cup of tea. I'm on my way to visit now. As usual your blog is beautiful.
Hugs, Rhondi

TattingChic said...

Look at all those teapots! Cute photos! Love the one of the little girl and the baby on the couch having a "tea party"! So cute and sweet.