Saving Hope


My creationWe all have had those defining moments in life, when we reach clarity about something. A word spoken, an image, a symbol, and it as if we bask in the clarity which redefines something that once was a mystery.

My creation

My creationMy mother always taught me that when a special moment was happening to stand still and memorize it. Celebrate it happening and memorize the sounds, sights and joyful feelings.

My creation

My creationAs a child, I always thought if I did this, it was sewn into my heart, just like when Wendy sewed on Peter Pan’s shadow.


My creationLater on in life I learned to use my camera or my paintbrush and writing to memorize these times.


My creationI am forever grateful for the numerous journals, which grace by bookshelves, filled with such moments. Reminding me of those times when God showed up, got my attention and gave me hope, joy and promises. When He gave me the gift of clarity.


My creationThe other night I had one of those moments. I glanced over at my daughter in the middle of a crowded room and had one of those magical moments.

Favorite Inspiration

My creationAs I drove home in the car, I thought that perhaps it is not just the stopping to appreciate these special times. It is also the ability to make time stand still which is truly the important thing.

painting Inspiration

My creationI realized that when I had learned how to make time stand still by memorizing the moment I was saying... “let me stand still and bask in this moment, before life turns the page and this joy vanishes.”

My creation

My creationHave you ever noticed when a director wants to help you step into a character's mind, and pay attention...he or she will have everyone else in the room stand still, except for the main character?

My creation

My creationI believe that when these defining moments happen, and we are able to make time stand still, it gives us strength, grace and endurance to help us cope when things are less than clear. Perhaps this is how we can save hope for those rainy days.


My creationWhen we look back over our lifetime we will have a reservoir of beautiful, cherished defining moments, reflected in all those times when we made time stand still. All those times that we saved up our Hope.

DSC01864The song for this post is Music Box.

The lovely painting in this post, of the little girl taking time to smell the flowers was a gift from the artist, Kristin Ramey, who I painted with once upon a time.
TattingChic said...

What a lovely post, Karen; as usual! I, too, try to remember to stand still and memorize a beautiful moment in my mind's eye when it is happening. I have done that since I was a little girl. Very sweet! Those wonderful moments are etched in my memory forever.

Snap said...

Lovely and wishing you many wonderous moments.

Cherrie said...

What a beautiful post!

Kellene said...

Lovely. I seem to be finding more "moments of clarity" as I get older. When we're young, we are always in a hurry to get on to the next thing. As we get older, if we're lucky, we realize how valuable a single moment can be.

Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful post Karen. Thank you for sharing. You are truly a special person. I wish you more happiness than life can possibly hold.

LiLi M. said...

What an impressive and beautiful post! Just what I needed. I did know about the possibility to speed up and to slow down time, but the fact that one really captures moments is an eye opener to me. Of course I could have known, as the truth almost always is right in front of you, but I never realized. The way you illustrated this post is beautiful beyond words.
Thanks for opening a door in my mind, thanks for inspiration and thanks for a beautiful post. Have a great weekend!

abeachcottage said...

what a beautiful blog and what fabulous pics and inspiration

i love the one of the girl with the flowers, so sweet


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

That is simply one of the most divine and moving posts, Karen. Talk about are blessed of God to make time stand still with the camera, with paint and with your beautiful words. Merci. Anita

Duni said...

Karen, this post was so lovely, so inspiring, so wise, so beautiful. I wish I had memorized some moments like you did. I'll start now!

warmest wishes,


Mo'a said...

Beautiful post and wonderful advise.
In my life it has always been important for me to live in the moment...even before it became fashionable :) I was often teased as a youngster when I would stop and point something that moved me, out to the other people around me. I never minded just enjoyed it and recorded it in my mind.

Vee said...

What can one add to what's already been said about your work and your words? My hope is that you are working on a book...yes, a book so that people may hold in their hands what you hold in your heart. It would be such a blessing.

Kathleen Grace said...

Wonderful and beautiful post Karen! Are those dried, pressed flowers on top of a painting? So pretty! I have always tried to stopand save special moments. I wish I were more of a journaler so I could have written them all down like you have:>)

Carol said...

Beautiful post! We should always appreciate those little magical moments!

caren said...

Karen ~ your post made me cry! It is so beautiful and touched my heart. Thank you.

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Beautiful Karen! I had never heard to stand still and memorize beautiful moments...I learn something wonderful every time I visit your blog!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I read this post with a tear in my eye. It was beautifully written, and there was something about the journal pages that just made me sad to think about the moments I have lost by being in too big a hurry. Thank you for the reminder that I need to stop and enjoy the beauty of those special moments. laurie