Embrace The Magic Around You


As I open up the day, I continue to be creating new things for gifts, my shop and for Spoonflower Fabrics.


Spoonflower Fabrics has asked all of us to design a hanging wall calendar. I will be listing a shadow box using this same design soon. The wall hanging contest on their site begins after November 16th.

There was a story in the moon, and the forest waiting patiently for the play to begin.

The storybook moon and the hot air balloon holds the image of an antique rendering of Orchard House.

A Story in the Moon Calendarclick on the calendar to see it on fabric

Well, one thing led to another in the middle of designing which showed me the way into embracing magical creativity.


Today I will be photographing some new designs, creating more gifts for Christmas and enjoying the joy of embracing the magic around me.


The song for this post is Got To Believe In Magic and I am wishing you a very magical day. If you click on this little version of my wall calendar, you can see the magical stars and the story in the moon.

My Embrace The Magic Around You is available as a card on my little shop.
Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

Sweet post! When that chocolate bar in the peanut butter moment happens, it is definitely magical!

Enjoy your creative day,

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Everything you do is fun!


Sheila :-)

Kathleen Grace said...

Have fun creating gifts and fabrics! Looking at your art is like seeing your dreams captured on paper, fabric and canvas!

Dogwood said...

Your art is so beautiful! I love your cards and all creations. Keep them coming.

Have a great weekend.

Charlie McGee said...

Hi Karen, I always love coming to your blog and reading. Your "embracing the magic" really spoke to me tonight. Thanks for sharing.