The Thankful Coat

For a long time now, I have toyed with the idea of publishing my story, The Thankful Coat, a children's story. I thought it might be the perfect time to publish it, just in time for the holidays. If you click on the illustrated cover, you can see a preview.

Writen and Illustra...
By KarenHarveyCox

Thank God for kids...
because they make us look at life through their eyes. Is there anything more magical, and a more special time to remember to be thankful for kids. Whether they are your own, a sweet little relative, friend or neighbor, they help us see the magic all around us. Well, if you don't have any kids around you, then embrace that little kid inside of you and try to remember when you were little.

My story, The Thankful Coat was written through the eyes of my little girls. The song for this post is Thank God For Kids.

The lovely Kathy of Kathy's Cottage
is hosting Handmade Holiday
on her blog today.

My friend Kathy is always encouraging me to write a children's story. Thank you Kathy, every time you left that comment on a post, I thought about this book. Happy Handmade Holiday.

P.S. When this old world spins a bit too out of control, I turn on the children's television station to get lost in that Once upon a time hope. You will often find me wandering around the children's section of a bookstore, pretending I have grandchildren or that my girls are still small. The truth be told, I still feel little inside and for that I am eternally thankful.
Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

What a great post!
Isn't it awesome to go and "hide" in our childhood memories, look at photos when we were young, watch cartoons when the world around us turns to "complicated"? I do...

~ Gabriela ~

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh Karen, you are just Adorable!! I knew that was you the minute I saw that picture!! Awwww! Your little girls look so, so cute all dressed up in their little hats!! What wonderful memories! What a happy post!! Thanks for sharing friend!!

Joyce said...

Weren't you just the cutest little thing? You haven't changed a bit. Anytime you want to play gramma come take my two for the day. Kate thinks your super cool already. Happy Thanksgiving.

Kathleen Grace said...

Karen, I just went through the preview of your book. I think it is enchanting! Now my next question is, why aren't you sending it to a publisher? Step out on that limb my dear friend and WHEN you get that book deal don't forget to send me my autographed copy. Don't stop now, you'll never know what you could achieve if you don't try.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Karen, this looks adorable! Congrats on getting this published. I am SO proud of you!

Love the illustrations, the story, and the pics of you and the girls. Too cute!


Sheila :-)

Elise said...

Yes, yes, yes - you have to publish !

*°º¤♥-=|F®äñ|=-♥*°º¤ said...

Adorable site =)

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Karen, how precious... I think we are all really still little girls sometimes... I know I am... Happy Thanksgiving to you... Bisous... Julie Marie

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

What a lovely post and I took a look at the preview of your book ... and it is delightful.
Do publish it and I am sure that it will do really well.

Have a great week

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh Karen.....this is REALLY big news! Congratulations. How exciting....I think your book will take the place of Good Night Moon as the book every parent reads to their kids. I can't wait to see that happen. I'm thrilled for you.

And, your little girls? How darn cute they are. Too sweet. :-)

And, I give you a "high five" for embracing your inner child and looking at the world through a child's eye. YIPPEE....

Have a awesome Thanksgiving......and, just for good measure.....spill your milk. Then you'll REALLY be embracing you inner child.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear, dear Karen,
What a fun and beautiful story you have! I went on to Blurb to preview your book and what an inspiration you have given me! I really want to do this with my Good Night Sweet Prince story; you are an inspiration always! And I am thankful for having met you! God bless, Anita

Tara said...


Great job here--you MUST try to publish your story--your illustartions are so child friendly, kids would eat it up! Happy Turkey Day!

SharDon Exclusives said...

Great post, Karen. YOur comment about feeling like a little girl...My Great Grandpa was 94 and about to die. He said I can't wait until I am out of the body I am going to run all over heaven, just like I did at 16! I asked him Grandpa, why do you think we always feel so much younger, inside? He stated: Our spirits are eternal, they never age, just our bodies. I had never heard it put that way before so I thought I would share a little of my hertiage with you. Stay young at heart, dear Karen, I enjoy your words of wisdom and youth,

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Karen,
Oh I love this post and the book is fabulous. Loved the preview!!Congrats on getting this published. I see more on the way.
What an adorable little girl you were (and are) Your 2 sweeties are darling too.

Thank you for remninding us to look within for the little children we once were. Especially now with the approach of Christmas.

Best wishes for a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.
Love to you dear friend, Celestina Marie

Elyse said...

you're so sweet, karen,

when i am having fun making my clothespin dolls, i feel like i am totally channeling my younger self -- only with many more craft supplies!

have a wonderful thanksgiving!


Blondie's Journal said...


Sometimes I think we are kindred spirits. I so often feel when I look at my daughters that I not only see them as they are now, but how they were when they were young. Those memories are so mixed in with my reality. And I So wish we were in the childrens section of the bookstore once again together. We loved to do that and reading was a big part of their childhood.

I looked at the preview of the book and I think it is fabulous. Now do what Kathleen said and find a publisher. Mail it out to everybody!!

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving, my friend!


jeanne said...

Dear Karen, Your post today is delightful. I LOVE the photos.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.
Love, Jeanne

Amisha said...

Wow Karen!!!! This is great. Watercolors, photoshop, children's book - you are so talented! Keep creating and keep reaching for those dreams.