Pillow Talk

Rhondi from Rose Colored Glasses is having a Pillow Talk Party today.

lynne's pillow

go-figure...go-shoppingI just love throw pillows, they are everywhere. My sisters know how much I love them too, because they are always giving me handmade ones as gifts.


Mittens always finds the cozy corners

go-figure...go-shoppingBut one of my favorite pillows was the one my sister Lynne made me to match the lap quilt that she made for me too.

Black and White

go-figure...go-shoppingWell, of course any pillow lover would love to paint them too.


go-figure...go-shoppingPlease stop by Rhondi's and you will find pillow talk heaven everywhere.

A quilt, brownies & a cup of tea

pillow-mosaicToday is also Brag Monday and Mosaic Monday over at Mary's place.


Pillow Note:
pillow-mosaic My mosaic includes my sweet cat Mittens, she was always pretending to be a throw pillow. When I was looking for photos of my pillows, there she was still pretending to be a throw pillow.
Cherrie said...

What a great post! I also love your matching pillow/blacket set! So pretty!

Zuzu said...

Love all of these, but especially Mittens. What a cutie!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Karen-- I think this is kind of the first time I have been able to see your lovely home--

You are always so great about showing us your new projects...but your home is just as I thought it would be. Lovely like the person who lives there.

I especially love the black and white. (would go great in my Paris Bath) :)

Have a great week!

LiLi M. said...

I love pillows too! You sure have some special ones, they are all beautiful but the one with the hare is a tad more special to me. Love your cat acting! If there was a play with a pillow character in it, he sure would get the role! Have a great day!

Vee said...

I love the look of pillows, too. So I enjoyed seeing all of your pretty pillows. What I don't enjoy about them is that they seem to multiply and what does one do with a pillow when one doesn't wish to use it? See the dilemma I'm facing. There are seven pillows in the living room, which I retrieve from the floor on a regular basis. Your Mittens is a very sweet pillow.

Purvail said...

\Oh I love all the pillows and the black and white one that matched your spread..You can't say you have no place to lay your head.. A beautiful blog

Sharon said...

I love all your beautiful pillows but the one that won my heart was the one with the bunny. Did you paint that one? Sharon

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Beautiful pillows..it makes sense that Mittens thought that she was one too!
♥, Susan

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

These are gorgeous! From one pillow lover to another. I especially like the one that's in the set. How pretty they are together.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I can tell you like pillows. The black and white quilt with the beautiful pillows just took my breath away! LOVE IT!

Gayle (GardenofDaisies) said...

LOL! Cats sure do know where the most comfortable places to sit are!

Charlene said...

Pretty pillows! I wish I had that lap cover right now. My legs are freezing in this office. Grabbing a pretty lap cover like that is so much prettier than thinking "I wish I had my silk long johns on". Have a great week.

Joyce said...

Lucky you to have such a talented sister to make you that wonderful pillow! Cute Mittens:)

Rhondi said...

Hi Karen
When I saw that you had joined my party I couldn't wait to see what you would create and I wasn't disappointed. I LOVE that pillow with the bunny on your table and of course having one made by your sister with a quilt to match....well it doesn't get much better than that. Thanks for coming to tmy pillow party.
Hugs, Rhondi

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Karen! I LOVE THE PILLOW WITH THE BUNNIES! What a very fun event! How is New England fairing under this cold blanket of chill? We are hunkering down, but still chugging along! Bisous to you dear friend, Anita

Annmaree said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, you've got such a neat blog!

Look forward to future posts!

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Karen; What a beautiful lap quilt and pillow,, I just love it, the fabrics are so gorgeous... you have some very beautiful pillows, love you chair.... and you sweet kitty makes a sweet pillow.... have a great week.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

They are all so very beautiful. Thank-you so much for the gifts for our daughter's family. They are so very nice. The kids will love them all...m.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Karen,
Thank you for always coming by to leave encouraging comments! I have to tell you that my blog, just as like most people, has evolved. Writing is like that, especially for those of us who enjoy it and try to improve it. But I want to tell you that you influenced my blog writing "style." When I first started, I just depended on my poor attempt of photography and long narrative. Now, from YOU, I learned that the RIGHT photos are worth 1000 words, and that the words I do choose to write must be few, exact, deliberate and powerful. YOU taught me that. Have a beautiful, winter day! Bisous, Anita

Nancy Jo said...

Hi Karen,
The pillows are all so pretty. I really should make some. Most of mine are ones I embroidered. Really like your new card too.
Thankyou for the link to Fairy Graphics. I have used up a truck load of ink already.
What kind of glue do you use for your cards?
Know what you mean about missing your kitty, I still mine and its been ten years. Should probably get over it pretty soon. NOT.
All that lace I got on my site? Well I'm off to start rolling it up, I got the box ready for the give-away, now I have to roll up all that is left. Alot!
Nancy Jo

dobco said...

Your pillows are beautiful. Glad to meet you at the "party." It was great fun!

Carol said...

Very pretty post! Kisses to Mittens!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

so many lovely pillows - but my favorite is the black and white toile...just charming

Mary said...

Oh Karen, I love your pillows, especially the black toile that your sister made. thanks so much for sharing at MM, and be sure to tell Mittens how much we enjoyed her modeling stint. :)