Mosaic Monday

My creation

oday is Mosaic Monday, and Mary from Little Red House, is hosting this lovely day.

My creation

My creationI just love visiting the library. This one is so lovely, they are renovating the building, and I do hope they leave the quaint old style.

rooftop detail

My creationI have several that I go to, and the ones nearby are housed in beautiful old buildings.

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My creationI love visiting the Worcester Art Museum library filled with art books from all over the world.

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My creationThe library in Harvard has a gorgeous new building with fireplaces with cozy nooks for you to enjoy a nice read.

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My creationThe Goodnow library in Sudbury is so lovely. The Wellesley Free Library has some wonderful lectures.

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My creationNo matter what town or building it might reside,

My creation

My creationthe library is always a great place to visit.

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My creationThere are also some wonderful art libraries on-line, like the National Portrait Museum in London. and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. A library in Boston I have not visited yet, is the JFK library. Did you know that you can purchase china that was in the White House? I didn't know that, what a find.

My creation

My creationThe name of the song for this post is POEME.
A Garden of Threads said...

Wow, wish my library looked like that. Beautiful, great mosaic.

Alicia said...

Ohhhhhhhh! I love your many different mosaics. I wish we had such beautiful old libraries, but unfortunately ours are all much more modern. Thanks for sharing these with us though.

Vee said...

You must have been to the Boston Public Library...what a treasure. I love libraries, too, and the ones you've shared with us are delightful.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

This is a magnificent post Karen, of a place where we all could get lost for hours and become children again, and at the same time, grow in our minds! BEAUTIFUL PLACES! Anita

Bobbi said...

Boy, my library sure doesn't look like that, wish mine did! I love your mosaic!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

How beautiful!!! In our small town we have one small but wonderful library and the building which is new, was donated by a few local individuals...small towns are so wonderful!!!

Cathy said...

Wow...beautiful! I would love to visit this wonderful space! Your mosaics are gorgeous!

Happy Mosaic Monday!

Sharon said...

I just came from the small library in our town,a delightful place but I do wish it had architecture like yours. It is so peaceful and I always learn something new. Your post once again is wonderful. Now I am off to see your latest creative endeavors. Have a beautiful day.Sharon

Donna said...

Beautiful photos, Karen. I love libraries too. I wish our library had some of that character.


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Mary,

I love the library too and those that reside inside old old building have such mystery and charm.

I love all the different sorts of mosaics you you mind sharing which program you use to make them? ♥

I'm running late today but I'd love for you to visit me.

Stephanie ♥

Traci said...

oh, my, goodness...I'd be here every day. Fabulous mosaic!

32˙North said...

One of my favorite online libraries is the Library of Congress - a virtual treasure trove. It's easy to get lost there for hours on end!


Kathleen Grace said...

I have always loved libraries. I remember going to the library as a little girl and walking out with my stack of books, as many as I could carry! That was the high point of my week. I raised my girls with regular trips to our library, in fact I remember my youngest being in her baby carrier and her sister 2 years old helping the librarians move our little library tucked in half of the fire station to the big new library our community built. We are still on a first name basis with our dear librarians. These are such lovely buildings, I would have to look for a hidden nook somewhere if I were in one of them:>) Do you think these gorgeous old buildings have some hidden nooks?

Marina Capano said...

Beautiful library!