Mosaic Monday

Bird Daydreams

oday is Mosaic Monday, and Mary from Little Red House, is hosting this lovely day.

mothers-day-bird-with-ribbonsDo birds daydream about mansions,

birds on the line birdhouse 2

mothers-day-bird-with-ribbonsOr decorating their homes?

birds on the line birdhouse 3

mothers-day-bird-with-ribbonsDo they dream of where they might move,

birds on a line birdhouse5

mothers-day-bird-with-ribbonsOr do they simply find cute little neighborhoods deep in the woods?

birds pm a line forest town

mothers-day-bird-with-ribbonsI sat watching the birds from my window, flying to and fro, collecting dryer remains from my vent outside. It made me daydream...

My creation

mothers-day-bird-with-ribbonsI wonder,

dinosaur bird

mothers-day-bird-with-ribbonsDo birds daydream of new homes, as they sit in their nests?

My creation

mothers-day-bird-with-ribbonsOr are they as content as I think they are, and dream only of today?

bird on a line happy MM

mothers-day-bird-with-ribbonsThe song for this post is Over The Rainbow. I embellished my photographs with wonderful birdhouse brushes I purchased from the fabulous Rhonna Designs, she is also part of The House of Three.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

While I'm not sure about other birds that aren't magpies, this bird sits contentedly, but I also dream of new nests and shiny objects to fill them!

What a delight you are, Karen!

I love to come here and dream along with you. Thanks for the escape. It made my week complete.


Sheila :-)

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Karen, I had a rare few moments of leisure today and picked up a copy of Artful blogging. I saw your beautiful work in not one but two articles! Wonderful, I couldn't be happier for you. Have a wonderful week my friend!

Vee said...

Oh so magical...okay, I agree with you...the little birds take no care for homes or food or clothing because they are perfectly secure. What a blessing that must be. You do provide your little birdies with quality digs, I must say!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

oh!, I just love that white bird condominium!

lovely post - as always. Your mosaics are always so nice!

ellen b. said...

Karen, This is so creative and beautiful. I really enjoyed every image!

32˙North said...

Hi Karen,

I never get tired of birds! Enjoyed your mosaic immensely!


Sarah said...

Karen, these images are so delightful, and I ponder your thoughts. Just today while out on a walk I watch a bird with a mouth full of long grasses flying away to its nest. It brought back images of long ago when I watched a bird for about an hour. I was sitting on my deck and this bird would fly down to the ground below, search for a twig, get it between its beak, fly off to the nest. Sometime the bird would return with the twig, drop it, and search for another. It made me view the building of a nest in a new light. This bird was a carpenter selecting just the best for its home. If I were a bird, I'd be oh so content to move into that lovely white multi-room mansion that sits high up on a pedestal. :-)
Happy week to you! ~ sarah

Joyce said...

Missed you today. It was so glorious. The fair was great. They have it a few times a year so maybe we can go then. Check out my blog. At the end I have shown my new dream house. I'm obviously easily pleased!

Loui said...

beautiful shades of blue..
Loved the birdhouses..
hugs and smiles..

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

This was so delightful, Karen! I love your bird illustrations and your wonderful photos. I am always in awe of the miracle of re-birth in the Spring and the cycle the birds have of building a new nest each season.

♥ Pat

Mary said...

Oh Karen, such beautiful photos and Photoshop magic! It's always such a joy to visit here! thanks for snaring at MM> :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Karen,

I have fallen in love with birds just recently. We have a robin that has built her nest right next to our front door on the beam of the overhand and it is such a treat to watch her. This was a lovely and poetic dream post and I love it so!

Have a magnificent Monday dear one! Anita

GrandmaK said...

My goodness what a wonderful post. Thought provoking and beautiful. Thank you. This was a glorious place to visit today! Cathy

Carol said...

Very creative, Karen! We have birds in our little houses now, including some noisy babies! have a great week!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear friend,

Kindness is like refreshes our souls and nourishes our gardens so that the fruit of the spirit can continue to grow and delight all who enter the garden. Oh, do I constantly have to TEND my garden and pull the weeds of unkindness, DAILY!!!!

Carry on....Anita


well I completely love all of it. I still cannot fathom how birds sleep in the trees without falling out. Or how do they know that they should sleep in trees if they are not lucky enough to have a house of their own ? And why don't they fly when it's raining ? All very puzzling... Chris Packham would know...

M.Kate said...

Beautiful mosaics, at times I do wonder what birds think too. We have lots of them, though I've never seen a nest. They are always perching on the edge of my water lilies or lotus pond, either drinking or bathing. Happy week ahead..hugs/M

Susie Jefferson said...

Sweet! And I'm sure they thing about nests, eggs and food and singing - not necessarily in that order.

Why is it that birds sing, wake everyone up, as dawn is coming - then after around half an hour they all go back to sleep again? Meantime, I'm wide awake!