New Eyes


Happiness-can-be-found-in-the-reflection-of-your-bluebirdI walked passed the lovely bed of Iris, down the walkway towards my car. On the way to discover something new to inspire me.


Happiness-can-be-found-in-the-reflection-of-your-bluebirdAs I glanced back, I remembered when I first saw these beautiful Iris.

I am so happy to see the Iris again

Happiness-can-be-found-in-the-reflection-of-your-bluebirdBack then I was filled with excitement as we watched new unexpected gardens bloom with new flowers each month.

Porch Party 32

Happiness-can-be-found-in-the-reflection-of-your-bluebirdWe had just bought this home in November, so when Spring and the Summer came we waited with anticipation to see what might be blooming in our flower beds. Often I would cut bouquets and bring them inside to enjoy.

Happiness-can-be-found-in-the-reflection-of-your-bluebirdNew Eyes...I wanted to have that same perspective that we have when we first discover something new.

Beautiful Iris

bluebird-august-209-finalNow after eight years, I walk by such lovely things and hardly notice.

Happiness-can-be-found-in-the-reflection-of-your-bluebirdOn my way to drive to discover something that might give me the thrill of new eyes, I glanced at the lovely Iris.

I thought how many beautiful things that surround me I often take for granted because my view is less than new.

A Purse of Iris

Happiness-can-be-found-in-the-reflection-of-your-bluebirdOne of my favorite old children's books is The Children's Bluebird of Happiness. In the story the children search far and wide in search of a bluebird, only to find that the bluebird that they were looking for was back in their home all the while.

A Purse of Iris

Happiness-can-be-found-in-the-reflection-of-your-bluebirdDuring my drive I discovered many new and beautiful things, but the thought of "new eyes" haunted me. When I returned home in time to prepare dinner and bake a cake, I smiled when I passed by the flower bed of Iris. They had reminded me where my bluebirds live.


The song is Little Bluebird...may you never leave your perch, da da dahhhh!
Lori said...

your Iris are gorgeous Karen...mine had a huge plant, but it doesn't bloom very much...however, this morning it had three gorgeous blooms in a cluster and it was stunning to see:)

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a wonderful post. When we moved to NC from Florida we told ourselves that we would always look at the mountains....never take their beauty for granted. It is easy to overlook the everyday beauty that surrounds you. Thank you for the gentle reminder to see the beauty in everything.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh how I love this post Karen, and the message behind it. Bluebirds, lovely, simple things in life, and the importance to never take them for granted. I think it is the small things that are some of the strongest teachers of the beauty and presence of goodness in our world. Bisous to a wonderful lady, Anita

myletterstoemily said...

what a gorgeous shade of blue!

isn't it true that children's literature
has such wisdom?

i loved your bluebird post.

Anonymous said...

this was an adorable post....with your coordinating song ... wonderful!

it's so true..when we are so used to seeing certain things around us...we tend to take them for granted...and somehow the beauty lies masked right in front of us...

unless, like you mentioned, we open our eyes and see things new again, like for the first time...
with a fresh persepective may we all go about our day!

ciao bella
great post!
creative carmelina

Vee said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely irises with us. Are they especially tall this year? For some reason, I'm looking out and seeing the tallest irises ever. You're so right, we tend to become blind to the delights all around us right where we are.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Your post is spot on target! I think most of us are guilty of overlooking the beauty around us with an unintentional contempt for the familiar.

Thanks for the reminder to be open and to look at everything with "new eyes!"

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your beautiful painting of the bluebird. I just posted a bluebird perched on top of our mailbox! Wonderful post! You always inspire me! ♥

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dearest Karen~ i am so glad you visited me because I end up here and how I enjoyed to read your lovely post. Like you , I get lost in my garden and its beauty and your message is so very important.thank you for remind me about the beauty that god has so graciously created for us to enjoy !! Lovingly~ Pat

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lovely! I love to visit you, Karen. It's always so uplifting. You are so dear to me.


Sheila :-)

Beverly said...

Great reminder, Karen. I try to take time every day to look around and enjoy our home. It is my happiest place.

Jennifer said...

I just loved this post - I have to love all things eggs, birds and bluebirds - oh! I have only seen one up close - I was very distraught one afternoon and I was on my back step, crying and really praying with such an urgent need for God - this bluebird just flew past and perched on an old birdhouse of mine. I said "Ok, ok God, I know I'm in your hands." I just laughed about it. I've never seen that bird again. We have Robins and wrens and other birds nest in the bird house ...but God is always there isn't HE. Jennifer stop by jennsthreegraces

Katsui Jewelry said...

That is one of the prettiest posts I have ever seen. I hope that someday I can do some of these beautiful things with photography and photoshop!

We are pretty new...stop by sometime! (We aren't all about our jewelry...really!)


Claudia@DipityRoad said...

OOOH Karen you have so hit the nail on the head!

Beauty is always around us... and we dont even take the time to notice and let our lives be enhanced because of the commonality. So the challenge every day is to do exactly what you did. Make sure we are using those "new eyes" to enjoy the beauty and all the blessings we have around us.

Psssst... not get yea over to my post and link -- people HAVE to see this one!

:) Hugs


Maggie B said...

I came over to visit by way of Claudia's blog and loved seeing your beautiful flowers, it will be a while yet before the ones in our garden come into bloom.
It's always good to be reminded to keep our eyes open and appreciate the beauty all around us.

Gail said...

An inspiring post, and timely for us all. Thank you for reminding us to look at the world each day with new eyes.

eileeninmd said...

A lovely post and your Irises are beautiful. I have the same kind and I just lvoe them.

Fran. said...

Karen, what an awesome post! You know you are right there is so much beauty around us each day, if we're open to it! I cinsider it little gifts from GOD! Stop by my blog to see the post I did on the bluebirds at out house! I love the whimsy you made of them. You have great talent and your Irises are so pretty. XO Fran.