Lost Horizons, Carousels and Chinese food.


LETTER O GIRAFFnce when my girls were little, my husband and I traveled from Hong Kong to California for a vacation.  It was before Disney had opened in Hong Kong.
As we drove along the coast from San Francisco to Disney Land we stopped at a motel.
It was summer, yet we cranked up the air conditioning in our room, so that we could use the fireplace.  Something we missed when we were living in Hong Kong.
We ordered Chinese takeout and enjoyed the fireplace and food that we had come accustomed to.
Sometimes memories come flooding back.
How do we get back home...
When you have lived in different countries home becomes a place that only lives in your heart.
Home to me is made up of many chapters, filled with beautiful people and places that I have known.
Lost Horizons by James Hilton, was one of my favorite books and movie when I was young.

My creation

Perhaps those lost horizons in our lives are impossible to find again, yet all we have to do is look into our hearts and we can find them again.

Ashley and Sarah on carouselAshley and Sarah 1995

Wishing you memories of Lost Horizons that warm your days with heartfelt memories.  The song for this post is Chinese
Blondie's Journal said...


Your post put a little lump in my throat...seriously. Your words ring so true. The carousel just might be a metaphor for your traveling from one space to another. Funny that you missed the fireplace here but ordered Chinese food...

Love the pictures as well!


Vee said...

We all lose so much along the way and yet we're always gaining new things, too. Lost Horizons...must look it up and follow your link. The image you shared of you and your family by a fireplace enjoying Chinese takeout on a hot summer's night is so vivid that in a while I could believe that I had myself done such a thing.

julietk said...

A delightful post and photos :-)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

This post warms my heart soooooooo

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What wonderful photos...and memories! Thanks for taking us along! ♥

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Karen, how true. I have many memories of my home in California, my home in Massachussets and of course, my home here at Rabbit Hill, in Minneapolis. Wherever my husband is, that is home. Wherever my heart is, that is home. We are never really alone, are we?

Lovely images, and those last two pictures have to be your beautiful daughters!!!

Have a calm and beautiful evening dearest. Anita

Kiki said...

Absolutely beautiful...gorgeous series..stunning colors..and such fun..i would love to ride on that magnificent giraffe..thanks for such a magical post..just what I needed!

Cottage Rose said...

I really enjoyed reading your post,,, such beautiful words,and great photos to go along with it... thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us.....


Kathleen Grace said...

What beautiful little girls they were! Another thing we have in common, I have two girls too. Things change but each change can be a new horizon and a happy place. I miss my "little girls" as I am sure you do too.

Alison said...

Karen as a little girl my favourite ride was always the carousel at Luna Park, St Kilda