The Wind In The Willows

wind in the willows five
There on the corner of a lovely table, was a blue hardcover book with a gold leaf illustration of a frog wearing an elaborate costume.
I picked up the book and read the spine. THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS.


Yes, the illustration is of Toad. I was thrilled and knew I had found a lost treasure.

wind in the willows eight

I carefully looked though the pages, and was thrilled to find the illustrations I have come to love as a child, and those from my own daughter's childhood.


This 1940 edition, by Kenneth Grahame was illustrated by the famous Arthur Rackham. This is the last book that Arthur Rackham illustrated before he died.
wind in willows two

The book is in perfect condition, with all bookplates inside. Twelve color illustrations in all.
wind in willows one

There are also some lovely black and white renderings at the introduction of each chapter.
wind in willows three

In the introduction, there is a letter from Theodore Roosevelt sharing had much he has loved this book.

Wind in the willows

he book measures 9 x 6 x 9 inches, with a lovely blue hardcover with gold lettering.  Such a rare book, and so lovingly cared for, one would think that it was a collectible sitting on a shelf all these years.  


This book was published by Heritage Press, and printed in 1940. The Heritage Illustrated Bookshelf, A limited Edition Club.

window in willows six

I understand that in 2012 there will be a new movie based on the book. The new movie looks a little scarier than the Wind in The Willows I watched with my children.  But I am a bit corny when it comes to keeping things sweet.

The Wind in the Willows

The Wind In The Willows, placed in my etsy shop, For The Love of Old Books.

The Song for this post is Sweet Daydreams, sung by the lovely Jewel.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Karen dearest,
I missed the Monday Mosiac!!! AHH! I just don't like missing anyone's posts....but here I am, to find myself in the presence of one of literature's finest characters to make us laugh, look at ourselves and our foibles and to remember how important friendship is! I have several copies of this beloved piece, but this one of yours is fantastic! Oh, Toad is flamboyant, impulsive, well-meaning....I guess there is a little toad in all of us!!!!! I love his costumes. And....Tea Rat and Miss Moussie are at it again in Nowhere; there is still a seat waiting for you if you would like to take a peak at our summer stock theatre....and the check is in the mail!!!!!!

Bisous and have a lovely day dear one. Anita

Anonymous said...

I love Arthur Rackham's work - this is truly a wonderful find! If'n I weren't pinching pennies through a difficult time, I would quick-like-a-bunny purchase this beauty!
Wishing you a lovely day, Karen!

Pondside said...

Those are the illustrations that i remember best from the story. Perhaps my parents still have the book - I'll have to check!

Kathleen Grace said...

Can you believe I have never read this classic? I need to get a copy and find a few moments to see what it is all about. This edition is really beautiful.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

KAREN! YOU CAME TO NOWHERE! you are such a pal....Tea Rat and Rattus are in business...they love to entertain, especially Tea Rat. But his love for Miss Moussie (The Dutchess's character) is so strong, it makes him dizzy, literally. He forgets himself and he becomes irrational! He really got himself in a pickle this time, being confused for the criminal Rosenbl.......but in the end, he got the girl, and the show was a smash!

Thank you for your patronage! Anita

Sharon said...

My mother and I used to read this. Memories are flooding back to me.

Vee said...

I remember reading this to a first grade classroom. They had some difficulty settling in as the language was somewhat elevated and it was, at first, beyond them. I encouraged the class to draw what they were hearing and that is how they came to love The Wind in the Willows as much as I did. (My own children hated it.) And oh the fun illustrations we had for our bulletin board! I must have been reading from a book with the same illustrations for they are ringing a bell.