Life Lessons

Golden AutumnI took a walk yesterday, it was a beautiful Fall day.
Golden AutumnIt was one of those days when there was enough chill in the air, 
Golden Autumnso that you could wear your favorite sweater.
Houses in Concord

Golden AutumnOne of those days when the leaves swirled around with the wind,
Old Houses in Concord

Golden Autumnand the sun peeks in and out behind the clouds,
A Stroll thru Concord

Golden Autumnmaking the shadows appear even more dramatic.
Golden AutumnAs I walked along the sidewalk on this glorious Autumn day,
Golden AutumnI was filled with the same thrill that I had when I was little.
When I was seven years old, my family moved from the city, to a lovely town on Long Island called North Baldwin.

We lived in a cute little Cape with a screened-in porch. I always loved the sound of the door to the porch, it closed with a thud, as I ran down the slate walkway to play with a friend.

I can still remember the thrill of walking to school on that first Fall day, and the leaves...
Golden AutumnDo you remember how much fun it was to swoosh through the leaves,
Golden Autumnand how much fun it was to jump in a pile of leaves?  I loved riding my two-wheeler bicycle through the leaves and trying
The Bicycle Blogto catch one from a branch hanging down.

Fall Leaves

Leaves, something so simple and so abundant this time of year.
Golden AutumnYesterday, when I took my walk I felt so thankful for the beautiful day knowing that I can still feel the same joy I felt when I was a child.
Houses in Concord

Golden AutumnI was reminded that when I was just seven years old I learned a wonderful life lesson.

Fall leaves

Being thankful is the doorway that leads to joy.

Houses in Concord

Golden AutumnBeing thankful is the best song to sing, so the song for this post is thank you for the music.

when I was seven eleven

"I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High."
Psalm 9:2
Elaine said...

Love your post and the leaves are so pretty..the pictures certainly do justic to autumn.. I bdon't think children know what it is to rke the leaves and jump in them as we did as children. May you be blessed today with all good things

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How lovely! I hope to take a hike through the leaves this afternoon and you are so brings back such wonderful memories and lightens your mood! Hugs! ♥

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

THAT is simply divine my dearest. Thankfulness is the portal to joy, indeed. The joy of the Lord is for those who come with a grateful heart!


Anita said...

I love "Being thankful is the doorway that leads to joy." Beautiful pictures and sentiments to wrap your childhood memories around.

Tete said...

Fall has a way of making us all 7 again! That's why I love the crunch of the leaves!
Thanks so much for the walk, I so enjoyed it!
Hugs- Tete

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Karen, Fabulous post. I crunched through the leaves yesterday with my dog as we walked to feed the hens. It was almost like he knew I was being extra "noisy" on our walk for his benefit and he joined in on the fun by rooting his big nose around in the fallen leaves. :) I would love for you to join my "Give Thanks" party coming up on Nov. 19th.

Carol said...

Yes!!! This is so true. A grateful heart is the source of much joy!
I am grateful for my gift of a grateful heart. And I am filled with His joy.
Your pictures are glorious, Karen!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Karen Sweetie...
What a beautiful post today, and yes, "Thank you for the music". Today the music of the rustle of the leaves as you walked through them. The music of the wind as it blew the leaves around in so many patterns. The music of your shoes as they walked on the concrete sidewalks along the way. The music of the traffic as they pass by. And most of the music of the children as they shared laughter hopping into a pile of leaves somewhere in the neighborhood. Just a beautiful share sweet friend. So beautiful.

Hope you have a beautiful Halloween evening. I have so enjoyed my stroll through the beautiful neighborhood and yes it took me back to my own childhood memories. I remember Fall the most. I loved the crisp air, and my soft little white sweater that I had. It felt so nice on my arms. I remember the sheets feeling so nice and cool when I climbed in at night. Yes I loved Fall the most.

Living here in the desert we are still having 90(ish) days. No signs of Fall in my house. Still mowing the green tiff grass, still have roses blooming and believe it or not the grands actually swam last weekend. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful day with me.

Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

Blondie's Journal said...

Very sweet post, Karen and the prettiest of pictures. You captured the essence of a gorgeous fall day and the reason I so love this time of year!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Karen!
Your photos are so lovely!
I've always enjoyed fall and the older I get the more I appreciate all the beauty of the season.
It's so true that living with a grateful heart makes our life more happy!
♥ Pat

Kathleen Grace said...

Glorious photos! You are so right, thankfulness is the doorway to happiness. If I can be appreciative of small things, everyday things, I can see the beauty instead of the pain. Happiness, and thankfulness, is a choice.

Vee said...

My sister just moved to Long Island...not sure if it's a quaint town or not, hope so.

We had so many leaves down that we had to rake this weekend. John has had to repeatedly keep the leaves out of the drive, but Saturday meant raking the back lawn and clearing the deck for winter. I started my branch bouquet for the chippy white fence and I'm still hoping to find winter berries, though it is late for that.

Wonderful pictures, Karen. You have a way of taking me wherever you're going...

Pondside said...

I loved this post - it is the essence of a beautiful fall day. The words, the photos - perfect. Thank you.

Deanna said...

HE is able to give us joy in life's simple pleasures. There is something about fall leaves that restores your soul and can make a day be filled with happy memories of when we were children. We should always seek to enjoy these little gifts.....a walk with HIM through a leaf strewn path is by far better than anything else I could have done today.

Lovely post Karen. The photos are amazing as always.

Deanna :D

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

Love these photos...Fall is my favorite season...Love Autumn beautiful.

~ Gabriela ~