If you want to smile...Please turn the sound up to listen to the song for this post...
Now I don’t know if you have an etsy shop,

but if you do, 

you know how time consuming it is to list something.

But if you don’t have an etsy shop...
Writing is an important thing to do.

trying to list things takes quite a bit of typing.
typewriter on beach one

First I start by photographing the item,
Pride and Prejudice

Then I upload it to my photo software 
and I edit the photos,
Then I upload them to flicker 
I might edit in Picnik to get just the right contrast or frame,

Oh no, did I type Mary Leonard instead of Jane Austen...

Then I edit the photos some more after proofing,

Then I save it and download it to my desktop on my computer

so that I can download the right size,

for etsy to accept.

Then I go to the listing and type all the finds, and

upload the photos from my desktop,

Oh what tags should I use?
Then I do some research and start to type some more,

making sure that everything sounds interesting and accurate.

Then after I list the item, I try to write a post about it.

More typing, and bookmarking so that I get the photos included,

Copy and Paste, Copy and Paste,
Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

A new post on For The Love of Old Books blog

Sorry, the book Love Finds The Way sold already.

and then I’M DONE!

Phew....glad that I’m finished.
Oh no, now I have to find the perfect music,

So I go to the Playlist and I search the topic,
play some songs, 
rearrange my playlist to make the new song play first.
typewriter on beach one

Once I find the song, now I go back in to my post
and add the name of the song for the post at the end.
Then I come here and press PUBLISH!

Aaaaah, now for a cup of coffee, and to read some blogs.
Don’t you just love my new typewriter?

Oh no, look what's inside my suitcase...I forgot to list Christmas Tree House. The name of the song for this post is....The Typewriter.
Tete said...

Whew, girl...I think eBay is much easier! I have an account on etsy but I haven't listed anything to sell yet...thinking about doing it as a winter project...but now I'm scared!
I will have to take my vitamins, for sure. I don't have a sandy beach either.
You do such a great job!
Hugs- Tete

Vee said...

Ohhh boy...that does sound labor intensive. I sometimes get lost in the middle of blogging, I can't imagine what might happen to me with an Etsy shop. One thing is certain, Karen, you are a very careful gal who does everything so beautifully and well.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Wow! I never realized it took so many steps. I do think using your "new" typewriter has to make it more fun.

Your music made me happy--how fun!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dear....you are such a delight Karen....and it is you, and I've said this before, but it is YOU who taught me how to blog. I love every corner and miniscule detail of this post.....have an enchanting day, Anita

Custom Comforts said...

Sounds like a lot of work. I may think twice about having an Etsy shop. Your pictures are beautiful and make me wish I was at the ocean. Your typewriter is cool. How old is it?

M.A.the2nd said...

Hello Karen .... thank-you so much for dropping by and I am so glad you liked Anita's post. She is amazing! I love your blog here and I love this post with the images of the typewriter and suitcase on the beach. Gorgeous! Have a lovely day.

Sibel said...

Wow! Karen you make it sound so easy and fun. Your post is wonderful and funny! I love your antic typewriter.
I invite you to visit my blog, let me know what you think.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Fun post, Karen! I always loved that typewriter song. I think they used to play it in the cartoons, and I was a cartoon junky! LOL!

Finally back from my trip, but I'm SO tired. Going to try and catch up on everything this week.


Sheila :-)

Mary Lou said...

I'm worn out! Are you? You forgot to mention that you took all that to the beach? I love the song. Made me laugh..
I had an etsy shop but nothing sold...I didn't stick with it long.

Ann Nichols said...

This was just lovely! Wow...such work to have an etsy shop!
Guess what? At this very moment I have a little tabby rescue cat sitting on my lap! I just brought him home from the vet - He was hit by a car and lost his tail but seems to be great otherwise! He is purring and purring and I love him already!


Wow, that's a ton of work!!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

OK, now you've convinced me to never open an ETSY shop! :)

I'm just teasing, as I wasn't planning on opening one -- and now I have more respect for all that do sell through ETSY. Blogging takes enough time ...I couldn't imagine trying to do both!

You typewriter brought back memories ..i belive my parents had one like it!

Terra said...

Now I know how much work goes in to an Etsy posting. I love that typewriter; my dad had one like that when he was in journalism school, oh so long ago.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Happy week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Creative Carmelina said...

Karen..you creative genius you!

I love that you shared all that goes into running an Etsy shop! It really is a labour of love, isn't it!

I love creating, making, listing, blogging, posting...
and I think you really do have to have a passion for it all....right!!!

And speaking of passion...I do love your typewriter..I have one like that too...but it's missing the ink ribbon spools....

have a great day!

ciao bella

creative carmelina

Kathleen Grace said...

Whew, yup, it sounds familiar. It really is quite a time consuming process, but all done from the comfort of your home it doesn't seem so bad. I remember doing craft shows and all the packing, unpacking, set up, clean up....I don't ever want to go back to that!