Thank you for a lovely year


DSC06635Thank you for taking walks with me through gardens

DSC06887and strolls at the beach.

Every day there is a brand new road to travel down.

pretty mess birdFor making me smile,


Some Things Never Change...and for giving me a reason to take a snapshot or two...


The poetry of scriptureFor giving me a reason to write,

thank you new years

pretty mess birdfor going with me on adventures into the land of imagination,

Alice Thank you

Inspiration & Notionsand for inspiring me to create.


DSC08422For allowing me a place to share my love of old books,


My Grandmother 1918and my Great Aunt Adelaide's keeper of the memories.


pretty mess birdI have so appreciated every encouraging word that you have left in your comments.

The Gift of Words

hot-air-balloon-tea-partyI just wanted to say,

that there is so much to be thankful for...


mothers-day-bird-with-ribbonsand you are one of those reasons I am so thankful.

pretty mess bird

As I started to write a thank you letter, looking back over the year in blogging, I wanted to let you know how much you mean to me!
A New England Life said...

Thank you Karen for the advice. I try to think about why I started blogging too but so much has changed since. I'm not even sure if I can remember why I started in the first place except that it was something to do! LOL!

I'm glad you've had a good year sharing so much, finding inspiration, and taking so many pictures! It's amazing how quickly it all goes by!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

And many thanks to you Karen, for the beauty of your photos, your creativity and your inspiration. Looking forward to more in 2011....

Happy New Year,

A Tale of Two Cities said...

And many thanks to you Karen, for the beauty of your photos, your creativity and your inspiration. Looking forward to more in 2011....

Happy New Year,

Chatelaine said...

What a sweet thing to do. I love going on joutneys through your blog.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

That was a blessed message dearest Karen...THANK YOU for the generosity that you have extended to us all in one form or another....all the lessons on life, the art, the paintings, the tips on how to tweak/improve truly are a diamond in the crown of blogland. THANK YOU for all that you have taught me and for your most precious gift: FRIENDSHIP.

Happy New Year dearest, and thank you for your visit; it means a lot to me when people pop on over during a hectic time as this, when one is still traveling, unpacking and such.


Snap said...

Thank YOU, Karen for being you! Happy New Year!

Vee said...

Karen, I loved reading this late last night and I loved reading again this morning and I'm coming back to read it again. If you haven't seen Judy's post at My Front Porch, you might be interested in a gift that her children gave her. I think it would fit nicely in your home, too. :D (You'll know the one when you see it.)

Char said...

And right back at you Karen, it's been my pleasure, treasure. Happy New Year to you and yours, Char

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Lovely reflections on the past year of blogging! And so nice to meet another friend of Vee's. Thanks for stopping by...and introducing yourself.

Joyce said...

All the same to you my dear friend. Here's to a new year filled with artful adventures!

Suz said...

Thank you, Karen. You do such a beautiful job. I always feel inspired coming here.

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

I actually like to thank you for all your inspiring posts...and for your friendship.

To a wonderful 2011!


~ Gabriela ~

Elyse said...

beautifully stated, karen and i know that everyone who reads this lovely post, myself included, will be thanking you right back!

warmest wishes for a happy & healthy new year!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Beautiful post, Karen..I am so thankful to have found your blog and all its beauty. You have the most wonderful imagination and always treat us each time we visit visually and musically!

Happy healthy 2011!

CIELO said...

And thank YOU for bringing joy to everyone who visits your lovely and creative virtual home! May you and yours have a blessed 2011!



Beverly said...

Ah, Karen. You are so sweet and this is a lovely post. You are like a gift to all of us, and I thank you for your kind heart.♥

Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey sweet girl
Beautiful post!!!
Happy new Year!!!
have a fab 2011

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen Grace said...

Happy New Year friend! Thank you for all your encouragement and advice this year. I wish you blessings and happiness in 2011!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Its been too long since I have stopped and noticed this widget on your side bar.

You, my dear friend, have been a constant sorce of inspiration. I feel such a lovely feeling when I come by and oft times I hesitate to stop, because I know I could be rapped up in looking for perhaps a LONG time.

Thank you for being someone who reaches across the miles to share your gifts and talents.

Thank you for you kind thoughts about my sister and I will cherish them always.

Most Sincerely.

Carol said...

Wonderful post in gratitude, and a great way for me ( a newbie) to see what I have been missing. I look for ward to traveling this year with you!