A Hat Box of Vintage Inspiration

I created a new Hat Box of Vintage Inspiration.

This oval hat box was handmade in Peterborough, New Hampshire

 by Debbie and Peter Mills, of Sarah's Hatboxes.

A gorgeous Olive Green fabric covers this lovely box

and it is topped with a beautiful purple satin ribbon.

 I have filled it with some of my favorite Vintage finds.

A love letter from 1894,    

an Antique photograph,

some  French Vintage metallic thread,  

a bit of Vintage lace living on top of a Vintage spool.  One in Taupe and one in white.

A spool of Vintage French satin ribbon in Power Blue.

I added a Vintage key hung on Vintage ribbon

 and an Antique French postcard.

All my pretty finds are  tucked into this lovely hat box...


A Hatbox of Vintage Inspiration just for you.

I put this Hat Box of Vintage Inspiration in my shop at Aunt Adelaide's Attic.

The song for this post is Stardust.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lovely, Karen! You do things so well, and the hatbox is no exception!


Sheila :-)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

How did I miss the prior post? I simply cannot keep up with everyone these days, with my job and my addition.....a lovely box indeed dear one; I have so many lovely memories just from the last two years of blogging, it would be a nice thing to have to keep the momentos in!!

Have a lovely day, Anita

Kathleen Grace said...

So pretty! I love using hatboxes for special storage and the treasures inside make this a fun find:>)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

So much beauty and memories in such a lovely box!

Definitely inspiring!

Beverly said...

Karen, you put together the most special packages. Someone is going to adore this treasure.

Jeanne said...

Hello Karen, I know I have not been over lately. My whole life is playing catch up. I used to think it was a temporary thing, now I know it IS my life. HA!

The hat box is gorgeous and I love the vintage treasures you shared. Thank you for this lovely post today.
Warm hugs, Jeanne

Jean said...

What wonderful finds. Love them. And the hat box too.

Vee said...

A lovely hatbox... That people still create such treasures is a wonderment to me...how nice! Stay warm, cozy, too.