Patterns and Collections

DSC01830Lately I have been thinking about patterns and collections.  Patterns that we can find in nature and in designs all around us.

DSC01830And how people capture these patterns for inspiration.

DSC01830People have all different ways of collecting them. For instance they might put them in a bowl.

DSC01830Or in collages in the land of Virtual places.

DSC01830Journals and scrapbooks are nice to store collections. I found this fun video about Smash Journals which I saw at the amazing Paper Source.


DSC01830And lovely mood boards and inspiration boards.

DSC01830I can always find patterns when I am painting.

My creation


DSC01830This tissue I use for dabbing ended up collecting the very pattern in the painting I was working on.

And when I am taking a pattern and turning it into fabric.

Patterns are everywhere.

The song for this post is Fly Me To The Moon.
Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

THIS IS BRILLIANT. For in patterns there is order. In order, there is wisdom and a plan, and all this spells out GOD. How could any of this beauty BE without a brilliant force and mind behind it? AND TO BOOT...LOVE. Ahh...Anita

Snap said...

I love to see you painting!

Patterns and texture and color ... calling, always calling!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love the idea of making a scrapbook/journal. You have inspired me. Thanks for the link!

I love the painting you are working's just beautiful, Karen!


Cinner said...

Here is to finding patterns everywhere. absolutely breath taking.

Beverly said...

Lovely post, Karen. We do each have our own way of creating patterns that we love. They serve as a comfort to us.

Dolores said...

Karen..... I love your beautiful watercolor painting!