Jelly Roll Fabric Inspirations

I have been teaching myself all about patterns, fabric and how to piece them together to help me design better. You see, I am on a quest to learn all about what people might do with patterns, fabric and something called Jelly Rolls.

Amy Butler Fabrics Jelly Roll on Imagine Fabric on etsy

"A jelly roll is a roll of forty fabrics cut in 2 1/2 " wide  strips cut across the width of the fabric. All patterns assumed that fabric will be at lease 42 inches wide.   Moda introduced Jelly Rolls to showcase new fabric ranges.   How inspirational to have 2 1/2 inch wide strips of each fabric  wrapped up so deliciously!"

From Jelly Roll Iinspirations by Pam and Nicky Lintott

Here is a book I found to put on my Christmas wish list, called Jelly Roll Inspirations by Pam Lintott. Another book is Jelly Roll Sampler Quilts.

I had to find out more about Pam Lintott, author of several books on Jelly Roll quilts.  Turns out that she lives in the UK and has a blog and web site called The Quilt Room.

Here is a link to her many books on Quilting and her latest book called More Layer Cake Jelly Roll & Charm Quilts, written by Pam and Nicky Lintott.

and Oh, if that weren't charming enough...

"Pam has been running the Quilt room since 1981.  She started the shop above her husband's bookshop in Dorking." She lives in Dorking, Surrey in the UK. and is now working alongside her daughter Nicky.

Here is a video of Pam sharing some bits about Jelly Roll Quilts.

The music for this post is by Hans Zimmer and is from a favorite movie The Holiday.  Why you ask?  Well, the character Iris, lived in Surrey, and when I was reading all about Pam Lintot, I kept hearing this music play in my head.  I kept envisioning that amazing little cottage from the movie.

Back on topic.  Honestly when I am on an inspiration trail I often get off track.  I am in love with her books.  No marketing here, I promise, I just love them.  Aren't these Jelly Rolls the cutest?

From the gorgeous blog called Simplify and a Jelly Roll featuring her gorgeous fabrics

I would love to design fabric that will inspire quilters to sew their magic.  Jelly Rolls, I just love the idea of them.  Oh, and there are Charm Quilts, but I'll save that until next time.

Jelly Rolls, Hans Zimmer music,  and dreams of fabric patterns.  Seems to me, I am well on my way towards some designing inspiration.

Now if that isn't enough pattern inspiration, Moda has this A-dorable web site called Moda Bake Shop, and they list dozens and dozens of blogs and sites they feature to surely inspire.

The Moda Bakeshop, has Fat Quarter Bundles, Charm Packs, Dessert Rolls, Honey Buns, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Scrap bags.  I truly love this delightful presentation of delicious Moda Fabrics..  By the way, it is pronounced (Bey-kuh-ree), how cute is that?
girl in quilt

Kathleen Grace said...

What a great idea Karen! I would love to see what you could come up with for jelly rolls. They are such beautiful little bundles of color and pattern, I'm afraid I would want to put them on the shelf and look at them just the way they are!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

My mom was a wonderful quilter....and her name was imagine my surprise when reading this post of yours one of the jelly rolls had the name Ruby on it!

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

I like the Simplify one! Lovely!


Vee said...

I love how you're always learning new things. You would really be tapping into a niche to do this because so many gals (guys, too) are quilters. Sounds like great fun for you, which is always like icing on the jelly roll so to speak. I love Moda and can only find it at the flea market. Joann's doesn't carry them. Perhaps I need to visit a specialty quilt shop.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Precious Karen,

I just learned about JELLY ROLLS last week from Dzintra out in Australia! I thought she was talking about the pastry! teeeheee

THESE ARE FABULOUS, and you are quite the dedicated crafter/artist to play around with patterns. I am stuck in the middle between the responsibilities of my job and the adventure of opening up my etsy shop. Simple cards and tags of my line drawings will be the main focus until I see where this will all go, but I just wanted to say how much I so appreciate your dedication to the arts....MUCH LOVE, Anita

Anonymous said...

I always wondered what jelly rolls were & how they were used. Thanks for the links & inspiration, Karen!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Karen,
This is all very interesting. Love the jelly rolls and the detailed fabrics.
I know you will create something fabulous.

Thank you for sharing this inform and sources.
XO Celestina Marie
p.s. I was visiting your shops. Everything is awesome my friend.