Inspirations found on a Brisk Winter's Day

I have been trying to get rid of the remains of a bad cold.

Yesterday I took a walk in a park in Wellesley.  I thought the fresh air would help.

The day actually felt more like a brisk Spring day than it did a Winter's one.

As I walked and admired the golden colors of a New England winter, I thought about some wonderful writings.

This book I found years ago, it's one of my favorites.  A journal of nature walks in New England.

A Walk Through The Year, by Edwin Way Teale.

"January 23.  With three -quarters of this first month of the year gone by, this is still a January without a January thaw.  The thermometer stands only a few degrees above zero when Nellie and I begin our "moon walk" about nine o'clock this evening.  In this still lustrous night we half expect to see an owl from the edge of the dark woods where the open snow begins."

I don't know why but I love reading memoirs, and walking side by side with the characters, seeing what they saw with no other guide except the descriptions I find  through their words.

I thought about how stark everything looked and the chill in the air reminded me of my favorite chapter in The Shell Seekers by Rosemond Pilcher.

The chapter when she invites the gardener in for a hot supper on a cold Spring day.

I thought about Mary Lenox in The Secret Garden asking for a bit of earth to tend in early Spring.

Things that I found to photograph seemed a perfect illustration for the story.

I found so much peace on my walk, and when I returned my head felt much better...I could breath.

It was also nice to sit, enjoy the warmth of the house and sip my tea.

I pulled some favorite reads off the book shelf.  It was nice to revisit favorite words describing walks in New England.  Reminding me how blessed it is to memorize the simple things, like a walk outdoors on a brisk Winter's day.

The textures and backgrounds that I used for my photos are from Kim Klassen's 2011 Texture set.  The song for this post is called Cherished Moments.

Pat said...

What a lovely place you found to take a walk. I wish I could have joined you.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

What a beautiful place to walk and dream. I was wondering if you had snow. We have been in the 50's and rainy here for the last week. It does seem like spring.

Elaine said...

A lovely place and I bet in the spring it is full of color.. I like a place with statues and old fences

Vee said...

Oh this was a lovely way to walk with you... I also love essays and memoirs and journals for their descriptive passages that take one along.

Hope that cold is soon gone...echinacea...just sayin'!

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

It's good to hear that you are better. Love, love, love these photos...
It's been awesome here in T.O.
Beautiful sunny days with mild weather...Snow? Not one bit...


Kathleen Grace said...

The weather has been lovely hasn't it? Springlike here too, but I hear a cold front is headed this way by the end of the week. I have just been thankful that I could go outside and enjoy the weather in January! Glad it helped your cold,. Get better soon!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening dearest Karen! too? You too have been battling a cold? I had one that lasted about a month and now I am sneezing AGAIN and coughing to no avail!!! But the strange thing is that there is NO SNOW here and we have had mild temperatures. But I am sure that you found much beauty during your walk and in your reading that will carry you through this dry winter. It is SO GOOD to see you my dear and PLEASE, I hope your daughter is OK???? EMERGENCY ROOM???? My goodness, what happened?


Cinner said...

Glad the fresh air made you feel a bit better. A beautiful walk you took us on. I loved the statues. feel better. we have very little snow here, it is unheard of for us in Canada. I know we will get it. lol.

Dolores said...

Hope you're feeling better. Your walk and the interesting and beautiful scenery is so refreshing! I wish I had a pretty area like this to take a walk..