Paris Inspiration, Simply Irresistible

Anita, from Castles, Crowns and Cottages is hosting a party all about Paris.  It's called Simply Irresistible and many people will be sharing their Parisian inspiration.

Thank you for hosting this event.  You are always my Paris inspiration.

Lovely Paris is surely an inspiration.

I love designing with a Parisian style.  Whether in graphic design or in fabric design, Paris is truly irresistible.

Years ago, while designing French script fabric using an Antique French script document, Anita asked me to design something especially for her.
We went through several versions until we got the scale perfect and then she asked me to add some birds.  I used some gold birds that were on an Antique children's book in my book collection.  The lead bird wears a gold crown of course, it was designed for Anita.   I named the design Anita's Inspiration.

French inspired designs always catch my eye.

The music for this post is from the soundtrack for Midnight in Paris.  My new favorite movie.

The designs on this post were created by me.  Please feel free to take home any designs on this post for your personal Paris inspiration.

So, it's time to travel to Anita's Simply Irresistible party to find more Paris inspiration.

Lovely Resources
Backgrounds by me and Textures and brushes from French Kiss Textures.
NanaDiana said...

What gorgeous, gorgeous artwork pieces here! Wow! This certainly is a Scrapbook Of Inspiration! xo Diana

YONKS said...

I enjoyed your trip to Paris and great to meet you through Anita's party!

I am your newest UK follower of your wonderful blog!

Maggie said...

I adore all your designs, Anita's Inspiration is simply stunning!
Thank you for making your images available to us to use in our own projects, too.
Bon weekend.

catkin tales said...

how nice you are to visit me with such kind words and how lovely to discover this sublime post and your beautiful blog, which has taken me into the world of dreams! naturally i am now a follower of this magical place and look forward to seeing more of your talent.
enjoying your paris so very much ❤

and wishing you a lovely weekend xx

Vee said...

Have fun with the party...I must try to visit soon if I can get caught up!

Your work is always beautiful and impeccably done.

It's me said...

What a beautiful post !!...nice to met you in from

Gwen Skinner said...


I enjoyed your Paris inspiration very much! Truly beautiful,

Gwendolynn at Cherchez French Femme

Karena said...

Karen your works of art are truly an Parisian Delight! You are very, very talented! Adore Anita's Fabric!

A Parisian Party
Art by Karena

It's me said...

Hello Karen me again...can you please tell me you where my 1000 folower???...please let me

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Bonjour Karen!,
Beautiful and creative Graphic Designs!! I will pin a few with your permission!! And I recognized that music from one of my new favorite films, too!
Thank you for your kind visit...such a great party!!

Palomasea said...

Bonjour chere Karen!
Thank you so much for your kind visit and introduction!
Your work is just stunning and delightful, I am following you along with some dear friends I see above...
Darling Anita has mentioned your talents to me, and I am so happy to begin a blogging friendship...
Anita is indeed an inspiration,
as is your beautiful art!
Merci et bises,
- Irina

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Bonjour Karen,
So nice to meet you. You are truly a gifted designer and artist.. How very lucky dear Anita is to have something designed by you.
Your Paris post is bliss! Thank you so much for visiting and your sweet words. I am honored to have you read along... I am now a happy reader of yours.
Off to enjoy more of Paris

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I'm enjoying all your lovely designs while taking Anita's Paris voyage. Your talent has always impressed me, and I love Anita's design.

Bon week-end!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Now I'M your newest follower!
Come back over to mine soon - I'm now in Paris (fashionably late as always)
I loved your post - and am off for a nosey around the rest of your blog - it looks right up my street!
(pleased to meet you)

The Shop Around the Corner said...

Bonjour Karen! I've died and gone to heaven. Please don't pinch me. Your page is like biting into a dark chocolate covered strawberry. YUM!!! I literally had to calm my eyes down. ;) I must take this in slowly after I comment, and then probably stalk you quite often. :)

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your kind comment at my post, "Wishes." I am now joining you along with Anita and all our travel companions with a new post today. Such fun.

By the way, we have similar music taste. LOVE Ballad du Paris from Midnight in Paris.


The Shop Around the Corner said...

I hope you don't mind me asking, but I noticed your magazine view option. I have been thinking of doing the same, but did not want to lose the original blog format (more room for creativity). Would you mind stopping by or emailing me to let me know how you got in on a separate page? Did you have to open a second blog?
Would so appreciate it.
Thank you.

Donna said...

Oh how I love Paris. Beautiful, beautiful designs. You are so talented!


Donna said...

Oh how I love Paris. Beautiful, beautiful designs. You are so talented!


kerrie of sea cottage said...

Beautiful Paris inspiration. I have admired your fabric and even used it in an etsy treasury last year! Thank you for your sweet words and visiting me. ox

Virginia said...

Oh what a yummy blog you have. I love it all! Thanks to Anita we are all meeting up today.

Please come back and see Paris through my lens any time!

T Opdycke said...

This is such a charming post! The French music puts me in the mood. The fabric is wonderful and each vignette you created says Paris... I wish I were there.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I was at work ALL DAY LONG!!!!!It was my last day as a teacher. I am barely joining the party and I am so impressed and blessed to see how EVERYONE has joined in to create the most LOVING POSTS....dearest, I so love my fabric; I have used it to cover my harp bench and it is so perfect with my white/gray/gold décor. And I have to say again that YOU taught me how to blog my dear. Your style and consistent search for INSPIRATION has blessed me and has allowed me to discover so much of myself.

Now to go and continue this magnificent array of PARIS LOVE!!! BISOUS MON AMIE, Anita

Anne said...

What a lovely, imaginative post! I love the script you are using for your posts. And, thank you for your visit and sweet comment!

Marie-Ange said...

Paris, ville magique !
Merci à Anita pour cette mise en lumière et la découverte de jolis blogs.

Draffin Bears said...

bonjour Karen,

Isn't this lovely being able to have a party in Paris and to catch up with you.
As always, I adore your wonderful Artwork, and was good hearing about the design you created for Anita.
Enjoy the party and weekend


Dolores said...

Karen, you're such a gifted artist, photographer, and writer.

Oh, to be in Paris right now.
Hugs to you my sweet friend!

hi-d said...

OH MY GOODNESS! You have so much talent being an Artist/Designer!! I so enjoyed reading your blogger "about me" profile. WOW!

I have a fascination with fabrics and enjoy sewing. I once worked in the apparel field sourcing fabrics and trims for a athletic sportswear manufacturer. Love that you designed fabric for Anita!

Thanks for sharing in the fun...and so delighted that you stopped by earler today to visit me.


Champagne Macarons said...

Beautiful post! You are such a gifted artist.
It's wonderful to meet new bloggers via Anita's parisian soiree with the same passion for Paris.
xoxo, B

Kristin said...

Thanks for your lovely visit! Your artwork is so beautiful and inspiring. Love the Eiffel tower card and the music! Have a great day!

lostpastremembered said...

I am crazy about written fabric designs. Years ago I got some for a movie I did. The fabric came from Angel Parlange in New Orleans. She's a direct descendant of the infamous Lady X of John SInger Sargent's famous portrait. The fabric is magnificent and so is yours. How do you do it? WHere can I get it??

Thanks to Anita for linking us all together in Paris!

"Create Beauty" said...

I have been truly BLESSED by visiting you today! Your designs are wonderful!!!

~ Violet

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your Paris designs are elegant and beautiful. I'm going to save the Love design and appreciate that you always share! I can always count on feeling transported to a beautiful place when I visit you!

Maria said...

Hi! Oh, I am glad that I have returned to your beautiful post ~ I realize now that I never finished my comment!
Thank you so much for these beautiful designs! How lovely of you to share them! They would look great anywhere, cards ~ pillows...etc!
How grateful we are that you share such talent!
Wishing you a sweet Sunday evening ~

Red Rose Alley said...

There are so many creative and unique pictures on your Paris post today. Your blog is filled with beauty and simplicity. I love the post cards. I still have the postcard that my husband sent me in the mail before we met. It's so nice to meet new friends. Your blog is indeed irresistible. Have a sweet day.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

millefeuilles said...

How exquisite your work is! I am grateful to Anita for giving me the opportunity of meeting you. There is such joy in your creations. Isn't life amazing? I am off to follow you and investigate further your talents.

Greetings from France,


Sarah said...

Karen, your gorgeous designs are simply irresistible! I adore your designs and appreciate your generosity of sharing so freely. ~ Sarah

Mary said...

Your Paris post, and your blog, for that matter, are lovely. I joined Anita's party late, so please come by if you can..on my Monday, Paris post. Merci, Mary

DolceDreams said...

What a delight to meet you through Anita's Party ~ your work is divine, just fabulous!
a bientot,

EdenClare said...

i remember you...
once upon a time
i visited here
and thought this
is such a lovely
place to be...and
it has not changed
in all this time..
its wonderful to
visit...happy, happy
Paris moments!!