The Land of Blog Inspiration

My sister came for a visit today to meet RJ.  Susan lives in Pennsylvania and I am in Massachusetts, so it is a long trip.  She then drove onto visit my mom in Vermont.

Tonight I took one of those old fashioned blog rides.

You know the ones when you visit a blog, click on one of the blogs that they love and click, and click and pretty soon you are in France visiting Giverny with Larkspur.

As I meander along the paths in the land of Blog, I am so taken with the energy that so many bloggers have.

Bloggers are reviewing resources,  teaching classes, sharing wonderful secrets to finishing pieces of furniture, decorating, creating blogging events and attending dreamy retreats with other bloggers.

I get tired just seeing all the things that others are up to lately.  Instead I settle in with a nice cup of coffee and work on a few new designs.  Daydream and photograph everything I can find interesting to share on my blog.

Here is a peek at what a lovely customer made for her daughter's bridal party and a travel bag for the bride, using my fabrics.  She sent these photos to me via her iPhone.  Wasn't that thoughtful?

Isn't this gorgeous?  She combined so many different fabric designs.  The wedding is a French theme.  The bride went to school in Paris, so the mother of the bride, designed wonderful creations, like these.

When I was young, I used to be filled with lots of energy.

We were watching old videos of Hong Kong, and believe me I was in such good shape.  You had to be in order to climb the mountains, cope with the weather and take ferries, trams, busses and trains to get to your destination.

I have certainly had a full life.  Now I don't seem to dance as fast as I used to...but I have time to smell the roses. What can I do.

For now, I enjoy peeking into all those blogs written by energetic and inspiring spirits.  I also love babysitting little RJ,

baking cookies and designing pretty French script things on my computer.

So, I hope you have a sunny day. Thank you for always inspiring me with your beautiful blogs in the wonderful Land of Blog.

Sarah said...

Karen, as I read your post I was nodding in agreement. The energy across Blogland is truly amazing. I'm in awe of all the talent that I constantly see, and you are certainly at the top of that list. I'm inspired by you and others with each new post. Thank you for generously sharing your images! ~ Sarah

The Shop Around the Corner said...

Oh come now, Karen, have you taken a look at your blog lately? ;) You have one of the most inspiring and creative places in the Land of Blog...from fabric designs to a spectacular page with creative details from corner to corner, Etsy, facebook, and endless treasures down your sidebar alone. On my page, for instance, one might think I never stop, but it's the total opposite. The fact that I can create so much is because of the quiet life I lead. Everything you see on my page is done in the quietest of moments, meditating on the leading of One who surely has all the grace I need, and certainly the energy too. :) I don't entertain much, and my husband and I are only children, so he and our two grown children benefit from all of my blogging experiments. teehee But I hear you, I don't think I could ever glue one speckle of glitter if I did not do so with a quiet mind and a rested body. Balance is key. Funny, my previous blog was titled In Stillness and Simplicity. That's how much I believe in it.

Keep smelling those roses, creating the beauty you create, and sharing your adorable pumpkin with us. :)

The Shop Around the Corner said...

By the way, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the illustration of the girl on the airplane traveling across blogland. teehee Can't get enough of whimsical illustrations.

Vee said...

Yup. You've named one of my favorite games in Blogdom...Bloghopping or Leapblog. I love it! And I love leaping right over here and finding you doing what you do so well. None of us mature gals can do all that we used to do. That's why it's so sweet that you have a baby to love because you get to hold a baby and relax and think about what creations you'll come up with next. Your friend is very talented. Someone is a blessed gal for having received such thoughtful gifts.

Georgianna said...

It IS wonderful, isn't it? How beautifully you describe the Land of Blog! And your fabrics are equally beautiful.

Have a lovely week, Karen.

Blondie's Journal said...

I love visiting new blogs this way, I have found many of my favorites like this!

I, too, wonder where all of my energy has gone. I need a lot of coffee and sleep to do the things I used to!

Hope you have a wonderful week, Karen!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

There he is, the little pumpkin! Oh how is your daughter dear Karen? She must be having so much fun as a mom now! And like always, your work is super and HAPPY! Oh so much fun, work and so little time in the day, but when I look back on how I started, I have made some progress.

ENJOY! Anita