Projects for a perfectly good Snow day

until we got the sudden weather report earlier this week that a Blizzard was on it's way.

There have been years where we had tons of snow.  I think that they are predicting several feet of snow.  I love to memorize Winter Enchantment.  So, I have my camera ready for the next few days.

I just came back from the supermarket, so there is food in the pantry.

While it storms,  I have some new projects that I am working on, like needle-felting landscapes.  It's painting using roving, I just started collecting samples on a Pinterest board.

This was my first attempt.  I will be taking a class in April and I have been practicing, so the snowstorm will give me a chance to practice even more.

We are creating a Grandson Retreat for the little blueberry, RJ.  I searched and searched for ideas for a little boy's nursery.  Here are some designs I created for the wall decal, fabric on the throw pillow and framed print on the bureau.  So, I have a few more things that I would like to make before the unveil.  We put a twin bed in there along with the crib and bureau.

I have been collecting ideas for decorations for a graduation party.  My daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Mike are both graduating in May from College.  They wanted to give a graduation party together, since they attended the same University.  So his mom and I are busy creating for the party which will be held in June.  This is the invitation I designed for them.

If we lose power, I can still needle-felt by candlelight.  How about you?  Are you expecting Mr. Blizzard, or are you one of those people who is somewhere sunny and warm?

A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Karen, I will be a snow storm survivor and have plans to do a bit of knitting and photo editing. Your grandsons retreat looks to inviting. Happy recreating.

Snap said...

Stay warm and safe. You have a lot of wonderful projects going on. Fun!

Vee said...

I have so enjoyed listening to Eva for the last few visits. I even dug out my old cd so I can listen to more of her beautiful singing.

What a sweet little landscape with the lamb by the water's edge. That looks like fun.

And what a special blueberry you have to deserve his very own room...what fun!

The invitation looks terrific. Sounds as if there'll be a fun party for the graduates.

One good thing about this's not a heavy snow. That might help with the power staying on.

Take care!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

KAREN....your felted landscape is A MUST HAVE! AHHHHH! I am addicted to felted needlework lovelies and my sweet friend Penny at Angelsdoor makes the cutest animals of which I have a vast collection! Will you be selling these lovelies? I LOVE THIS ONE...are you selling?

Oh, so much is going on in my mind and heart. I can't wear my heart on my sleeve to the world, but I need to find a way to communicate the huge lesson I learned on this journey I have chosen for this year.

Thank you for all the support you have given to me my dear. Love to you. Anita

Gabriela Delworth - Training Specialist and Designer said...

Hello Karen,

The storm hit us last night and is still in full swing! A total winter wonderland here.

I saw on TV that is going your way now.


Kathleen Grace said...

Oh my goodness, I'm catching up pn your posts and I love the idea that RJ will have adorable nursery decor created by his grandma! What a special project:>)