White Horses

There is a beautiful horse farm nearby, which I pass from time to time on the way to the store. We are surrounded by so much beauty.  If you would like to listen to Diana Krall sing 'S Wonderful, just click on the play button.

Yesterday this sweetheart came right up to me to pose for a picture.  I use Lightroom to get a clearer and more charming photo.  Oh yes, and there are always those tempting Lightroom Presets.

Thanks to Kim Klassen and her Lightroom class, I use Adobe Lightroom daily.  I took her Roundtrip class, which takes you from Photoshop Elements to Lightroom and back.  She has many wonderful on-line classes.  I have taken lots of classes, but she is organized, knowledgeable and I just love the sound of her voice in her tutorial videos.

Yesterday's photos gave me an opportunity to play with Lightroom, and a few Photoshop Actions in Photoshop.    Here is the original photo:

Here is what happens when I play the RGB to Grayscale Photoshop Action:

Photoshop Actions are little recorded steps for various enhancements.  There are many different ones that you can download for free or purchase.   Someday when I get good enough, I'll try my hand at recording my own adjustments.

I have always used Photoshop Elements in the past.  I still use Photoshop Elements to resize photos, use textures and to remove unwanted objects, like this fence. I have been gradually learning how to use Photoshop Creative Suite 6.

There is always one of my favorite Photoshop Actions called Little Kisses:  Little Kisses Photoshop Action.

Vee said...

You're right...white horses in the snow makes for delightful photos.

Kathleen Grace said...

The horse is so pretty! I just got Adobe Elements for Christmas and still need to load it on the computer. I tried a week or so ago and my dvd/cd drive isn't working, so I'll have to take it in for repair. I can't wait to be able to mess around with the program:>) Your photos are always so beautiful!

Gabriela Delworth - Training Specialist and Designer said...

Hello Karen,

Such beautiful horses!
How are you?


Sarah said...

Oh, my these are stunning photos. So amazing! Thanks for the tip on Lightroom. I'm going to check it out.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What stunning pictures! What a sight to see on a daily basis. hugs ~lynne ~

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

You are right, there is something so lovey about a white horse in the snow and I never knew it until I saw these beautiful photos! It's just so magical and dreamy!

Elisabet said...

Hi Karen,
Just popped over to say Hi since I haven't been by for a while! OK, the white horses got my attention... I do love horses and white horses in the snow... you are right, they are just beautiful!
Hugs and have a fabulous weekend,
Beth P