Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Round Inspiration

When I was a little girl, we had a Merry Go Round in the nearby shopping plaza.  It didn't matter if my best friend and I had to walk a hundred miles, I think we would have gotten there just to have some fun.  Speaking of fun, I just adore Mindy Gledhill's music.

My friend Linda and I would go for a ride on our Merry Go Round often and we always would try to catch the brass ring.  After all it meant a free ride.

I can still remember the thrill I had one day, when I reached over from my horse on tippy toes to reach for a ring.  There were lots of silver ones, but only one brass ring.  It was hard for a short little girl to even reach one, no less the prize.  That day while holding on for dear life I caught it!  The Brass Ring, I smile just remembering that day.

Funny how fear goes out the window when we are young and we will take a risk to reach for something exciting.  

I think when we grow up 
we should still reach for the brass ring.  
You never know
 what blessing might be waiting for us.

Mary from Little Red House posts a prompt each Thursday.  Today's prompt is the word Round.  For some reason the Merry Go Round came to mind, and then I remembered I had some lovely photos that I shared in a post about Heritage Gardens in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Thank you Mary.  I love being challenged and inspired.  You always lead me to both.

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