Boston Update

We have all been watching the news, knowing how frightening and unbelievable this story as become.

Although the area that you are watching on television is about 30 minutes away from us, we are a safe distance from Watertown, Cambridge, Waltham, etc.

Many of my daughter's friends either live in that area or work nearby.  One of Sarah's friends is in locktown at her work, and Mike and his sister knew the policeman killed at MIT last night.  Ashley's good friend attends UMass Dartmouth.  Another lives in Watertown.

Our local news is outstanding and they are actually giving a more accurate and more substantial coverage than CNN and FOX news.

Boston is an amazing city, I am so proud of the quick response and the way they have handled all of this tragedy.  I have no doubt that they will have this young man soon.  I pray that all those involved remain safe from this misguided young man.

Stay safe.

Lorrie said...

I've been thinking today of you and other bloggers there in the Boston area. What a tense situation. Prayers for a speedy capture of the young man and for some semblance of normality to return.

NanaDiana said...

I am so so sorry that your area has to deal with this. It is so sad to know that evil is around us and hits us when we least expect it. God bless the people of Boston and also Texas as their tragedy unfolds- xo Diana

Schotzy said...

Ive been glued to the tv, too, as our daughter works in Cambridge... and I am so hopeful for a definitive resolution to this event.... I am thankful she lives outside of town and is safe.. but it is disturbing to know that she work among such evil influences.... We must all continue to pray for our communites and against the evil that seeks to destroy!

myletterstoemily said...

i am so sorry about this horrific act of
terror and for the recent officer's loss
of life.

praying for your famliy's safety.

Vee said...

Yes, I know that you are getting better and more accurate coverage locally. So sorry for your family's connections to the story. I did hear that they are requesting that all those sheltering in place at work, go home. Wonder if anyone would dare. Lots going on on Western Ave. right now. You stay safe.

Beverly said...

Thank God they found him. This whole tragedy makes me so sad.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am so proud of Boston. There are so many conflicting messages however, from what we see the PARENTS saying, and then the friends of the younger man. For just a split second, it makes you pray and hope that THE RIGHT MEN WERE APPREHENDED! But we are so proud, all of us, to see how quickly law enforcement took care of the citizens of Boston, my home away from home. Anita