Monday, June 17, 2013

A Dragonfly, A Rainy Day and A Stack of Books

It's funny how a rainy day makes everything look different.  It makes everything a little more cozy, don't you think.  I had a visit inside today from a dragonfly.  She must have wanted to escape the storm.

I love listening to romantic music on rainy days.  I also love to walk around the house admiring the tiny things.

 Like Elyse's matchbox with a few teeny books and magazines peeking out.

When it rains I always feel like I have an excuse to put my legs up, sip a mug of coffee and read my favorite books.  I love pastels, quilting, crafts and looking at other people's studios.  This stack of books is a stack of my favorites right now.

And of course there are my favorite summertime reads.  Like going home to visit some old friends.

I love rainy days, tiny things and blue and white china.

As I photographed some things, I spotted my favorite chair across the room.

So, this is where I'll be sitting,

while I sip my coffee and read a pretty book or two.

How about you?  Does a rainy day make you feel especially cozy?

I am linking to Pink Saturday.  Bev from How Sweet The Sound it hosting lots of pink inspiration.

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