A Dragonfly, A Rainy Day and A Stack of Books

It's funny how a rainy day makes everything look different.  It makes everything a little more cozy, don't you think.  I had a visit inside today from a dragonfly.  She must have wanted to escape the storm.

I love listening to romantic music on rainy days.  I also love to walk around the house admiring the tiny things.

 Like Elyse's matchbox with a few teeny books and magazines peeking out.

When it rains I always feel like I have an excuse to put my legs up, sip a mug of coffee and read my favorite books.  I love pastels, quilting, crafts and looking at other people's studios.  This stack of books is a stack of my favorites right now.

And of course there are my favorite summertime reads.  Like going home to visit some old friends.

I love rainy days, tiny things and blue and white china.

As I photographed some things, I spotted my favorite chair across the room.

So, this is where I'll be sitting,

while I sip my coffee and read a pretty book or two.

How about you?  Does a rainy day make you feel especially cozy?

I am linking to Pink Saturday.  Bev from How Sweet The Sound it hosting lots of pink inspiration.

Lorrie said...

Yes, a rainy day does make me feel cozy - when I can stay at home and not go splashing through puddles on my way to work or shopping. These days, we've had very little rain and lots of sunshine. I'm not complaining. But I think your stacks of books and your chair would make a rainy day very cozy indeed.

Elyse said...

hi karen!

i am smiling because it's still so ... crazy-wonderful to see my own book included in this stack of lovely books!

it was so fun to meet you!!!

on rainy days i love to get chinese take-out!


Penny@The Comforts of Home & From Harvest To Table said...

You sounds like you will have the most amazing rainy day! I love rainy days like that too.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

The same for me dear Karen....rain, clouds, and even a visit from an unexpected guest. How lovely are your photos today, so soft and ethereal! You were lucky to get that snapshot of the dragonfly! Wishing you another magical day. Anita

Vee said...

Maybe. When they are few and far between. But after three weeks of rain, I'm about waterlogged. You make it sound so nice and cozy, though. I didn't know that Gladys Taber had written about Cape Cod. Perhaps I could find that book.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Karen, This is a post after my own heart. I just ordered Tinkered Treasures and can't wait till it gets here. I have several of the books in your stack and on a raining day, it is the perfect way to curl up cozy and read and re-read!! I love to create on a raining day too. Like today is gloomy after heavy storms all night long. Great day to be in the studio!
Have a cozy day.

Beverly said...

Lovely, Karen. And, so very reflective of your spirit.

Rainy days make me fee the same.

Kathleen Grace said...

Oooh, that stack of books on the table is calling my name:>) And aren't they all so pretty? Inspiring just to look at all those pretty colors together.

Anonymous said...

Heavenly from start to finish. So glad you said cup of coffee. :) Although I enjoy an occasional cup of tea, it's coffee in my teacup. The House by the Sea caught my attention. I think I must add it to my weekend shopping list. :)
My annual summer favorite is Gift from the Sea, actually, it's my favorite always. Have you read it?
Always a pleasure visiting with you, friend.
Bye-bye, dragonfly.

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Karen...I guess great minds think alike. I do the very same thing. Except I don't read the books you do...LOL.I love reading on rainy days and sometimes just stare out the window and just think.Rainy days are a good thinking day.
XXOO Marie Antoinette

Leann said...

Yep I love rainy days although since being diagnosed with fibro they don't like me - I get so achy.

It does give me an excuse to just settle in and relax.

Loved your stack of books - I have quiet a few of them too:)

Kaye Swain said...

It does indeed. And what a lovely visit for Pink Saturday. Right now, I'm rereading some "old friends" on real estate - fun to read and fun exercise for my brain. Thanks for a delightful visit.

Michele said...

lovely, cozy thoughts! happy pink saturday! xo

Dolores said...

Oh yes, a rainy day does make me want to kick back, relax and admire all that is beautiful and comforting.

I love your chair.... I'd be mighty comfortable in it too.

No rainy days here...... we wish and pray for rain.

Anonymous said...

I found it!!!!!!! Page by page... which I enjoyed because I caught up on all the beauty I've missed.
Okay, off to order A Year by the Sea. Diane at Lavender Dreams is recommending it too.
Enjoy your summer!!!